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Clean-energy startup lands biggest deal of the week, and more

Ukraine conflict could further rankle supply of chips and funding

Last year set a record for venture funding to semiconductor startups. But that was before Russia invaded Ukraine. Both countries are key sources for crucial ingredients needed for the manufacturing of semiconductors. Without those, the manufacture of chips could slow and those companies that design new and improved semis, which many startups do, could be less attractive to investors.

Clean-energy startup powers up with week’s biggest funding round

Energy has been a big topic amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, so maybe it should come as no surprise the biggest U.S. venture round of the week went to a clean-tech company.

With billions in funding, flying cars still wait to soar

While stuck in gridlock, who among us has not fantasized of soaring vertically above all the stalled vehicles and flying swiftly to our destination? In recent years, companies working on electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and flying cars have raised unprecedented sums as they move closer to commercializing a vision of air travel without the huge carbon footprint or massive runways.

Cybersecurity investment rises amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine not only threatens to upend the world geopolitical order, it’s also affecting several different business sectors, notably cybersecurity.

It’s H-1B lottery season. What you need to know

As an entrepreneur or startup founder, you may be wondering whether you are eligible for an H-1B visa—and the answer is likely yes.

Hey founder, here’s how to build your brand

The media landscape for startups is as competitive as ever these days. Journalists are burnt out, hundreds of new funding rounds are announced daily, and good communications talent is hard to come by. That said, building and establishing your personal brand is key to standing out in the current market.

20 must-have sales prospecting tools for 2022

Time to give your sales prospecting toolkit an upgrade? These 20 must-have sales prospecting tools will help streamline your workflow so you can save time and close more deals in 2022.

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