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Clear Blue Technologies in $850,000 new street lighting project in Nigeria

Clear Blue Technologies International Inc, the Smart Off-Grid™ company, has announced that it has fulfilled an initial contract worth approximately $850,000 for a new street light project in Nigeria, as part of a collaboration with Raeanna Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian infrastructure company focused on rural connectivity and energy solutions.

Clear Blue delivered its Smart Off-Grid power solution for the installation and maintenance of 280 streetlights along two separate roads, covering a combined 20 kilometers, which has been the initiative of his Excellency Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, the Governor of Delta State.

The project, which is to be completed later this month, is an early phase of a statewide initiative in conjunction with other state governments to bring power, lighting, security, and telecommunications to all regions of Nigeria.

More than 80 million people in Nigeria do not have access to electricity, while about 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa also do not have access to power. The World Bank recently provided a $350 million loan for rural electrification of Nigeria to begin to address the dire need there.

“We are thrilled to be engaged with Clear Blue for the start of Delta State’s statewide lighting project,” said Jay Ogor, CEO, Raeanna Nigeria Limited. “Many previous projects in Nigeria have struggled to deliver reliable, high quality power solutions for ongoing services. We have partnered with Clear Blue because they have proven to us that their technology and ongoing service management ensure that these investments will deliver value for many years. The success of Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid power technology on our previous collaboration made it an easy decision to utilize it for our rollout of street lighting in Delta State. Our plans and focus are to expand our rollout across Delta State and other regions of Nigeria, as it is key to the long-term betterment of Nigeria by bringing back a vibrant street life.”

Utilizing the predictive analysis of Illumience, Clear Blue’s service team will manage, control and maintain all street lights remotely, ensuring that the lights stay on when they are needed and that ongoing system life is maximized.

“Off-grid power, lighting, security, and telecommunications provide immense benefits to people around the world and to the environment,” said Miriam Tuerk, CEO and co-founder of Clear Blue. “Nigeria is a fantastic country with great people, and we are very pleased to continue to grow our partnership with Raeanna and expand our presence there.”

Clear Blue previously delivered its Smart Off-Grid platform to Raeanna for a series of telecommunications systems installations across eight Nigerian sites earlier this year, in collaboration with NuRAN Wireless. The project provided reliable communications services for tens of thousands of Nigerians.

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