CoalitionWILD EXCELerator Program for emerging environmental leaders

CoalitionWILD EXCELerator Program for emerging environmental leaders – For young people who have an idea for an environmental initiative that addresses a problem affecting an ecosystem, wildlife, community, culture, or their livelihood, the EXCELerator program is a demanding 6-month capacity building and leadership development training. Project ideas can be just that—ideas that they would like to develop further in order to begin implementing—but they can also be initiatives that have just begun, initiatives that are being carried out over a longer period of time, or initiatives that have the potential to grow.

Accepted project ideas can address any environmental concern and can be carried out in any nation in the world. Previous iterations of the program have included a wide range of projects and ideas, such as finding ways to end conflicts between elephants and people in Kenya, educating schoolchildren in Ecuador about the value of recycling, restoring mangrove forests in the Philippines, and reintroducing manatees to Guadeloupe. Participants are encouraged to work on their project idea throughout the program until it can be developed into a workable and worthwhile enterprise.

Participants gain the technical expertise and abilities necessary to create, carry out, and present their project ideas throughout the course of the program. Additionally, students are given the chance to connect with other cohort members who might be working on projects with quite different goals and realities than they are. Since we believe that youth have a wealth of relevant knowledge, experiences, and ideas to share and that being in a safe space where their contributions are valued empowers them to become active leaders in providing solutions and inspiring others to do the same, the program places a strong emphasis on peer learning and peer support

The seventh iteration of the EXCELerator program will run from November 2023 to April 2023 for six months. Depending on their personal needs, expectations, and availability, participants can select between the EXCELerator LIVE program or the EXCELerator FLEX program. The program is entirely online and is free to enroll in.

Conditions for Eligibility

be 35 years of age or younger on November 2, 2023, the program’s start date.
Possess a project concept, a project in the early stages of development, or a project with expansion potential in the environmental field.
possess the drive to work on their project idea, making it possible for them to finish the course in any of its modalities.
To access the program’s learning platform and watch the recorded sessions (as well as the live sessions, if you’re applying for the EXCELerator LIVE program), you’ll need a computer and a stable internet connection.
Regarding the EXCELerator LIVE show: Availability for the six months of the program to take part in the live sessions, which take place on Thursdays from 12.30 to 14:00


Application period: From September 4 through October 22, applications will be accepted. All interested participants will get an email from the EXCELerator program at the conclusion of the application period confirming the receipt of their applications.

  • Application evaluation period: From October 9 to October 22, the CoalitionWILD team will thoroughly examine all submitted applications.
  • The selection period: On the week of October 23, participants who were chosen and those who were not will get an email with the findings of the selection process.
  • Program launch: The program will get underway in November. The live kick-off session set for Thursday, November 2 at 12.30 will be open to participants in the EXCELerator LIVE program.
  • For Additional Information Visit CoalitionWILD EXCELerator Program Official Website.

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