FSDH Female Founders Growth Programme for female-led tech start-ups

The FSDH Women in Business Initiative, a value-added initiative for women in business in Nigeria, created the Female Founders Growth Programme, an accelerator and investment readiness program, to enable and empower women-led businesses to thrive through access to the appropriate knowledge, opportunities, and networks.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and WEAV Capital have created the Female Founders Growth Programme specifically to promote female-led tech start-ups in Nigeria. The chosen startups will take part in a top-notch Investment Readiness Programme created to assist high potential female-led tech companies in raising finance. The IFC and WEAV Capital will deliver the initiative together.

Selected businesses will profit from specialized, in-depth sessions designed to help them establish their fundraising plan, enhance their business model, and ready their data room for investors. Intensive training in financial management, cash flow optimization, and investment preparation for both equity and debt capital will also be provided to a select group of start-ups.

Additionally, each participant will gain:

matching with a business coach from prestigious international institutions to assist their company.
Office hours with knowledgeable specialists in a range of subjects.
establishing connections with influential venture debt and capital investors.
Mid-October will see the start of the 6-week virtual program, which will finish in November with a Demo-day showcase when founders will get the chance to pitch to a pool of investors, accelerators, and businesspeople.

The winning pitch will get $10,000 in non-equity investment. All chosen start-ups will be eligible to obtain investment from the program’s participating investors.

Conditions for Eligibility

Companies must fulfill the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for the program:

Have a female founder or cofounder (the initial team must include at least one female).
Obtain some first users and a Minimum Viable Product.
a revenue range of $50,000 to $1 million per year was reached.
received funding of less than $500,000.
lasted longer than a year but less than five years.
In any industry, be a technology-based or technology-enabled business.

Be a pre-seed or seed-stage business looking to raise institutional capital to advance their product to the following stage of growth.
DURATION: The six-week online course will start in the middle of October and end in November. The program requires a weekly time commitment of about 5 hours.

SYSTEM DESIGN: The Female Founders’ Growth Programme will run for a total of six weeks and include masterclasses, investor pitch days, and mentoring sessions.

Participants in the Growth Programme will have access to the following:

Masterclasses and Mentoring Sessions provide access to a knowledgeable, experienced instructor.
IFC’s Financial Management Training Program is available to you
$10,000 non-equity gift
Access to a supportive community of fellow founders.
access to a community of successful businesspeople.
opportunities for funding and investment.
For Additional Information: Visit the FSDH Female Founders Growth Programme 2023 website.

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