Empower your Hubs with the Hubiquitous TecHub Catalyst Program – Applications now open

The Hubiquitous Techub Catalyst Program aims to elevate at least 10 African Tech Hubs to a higher level in IoT and emerging technologies. Our program will focus on enhancing the hubs’ capabilities in IoT and fostering the development of sustainable value-added services. Through the Hub Catalyst Program, we will empower the hubs to drive technological innovation, skill development, and entrepreneurial growth within their local ecosystems.

We are committed to providing comprehensive IoT training to the hub personnel through our “Train the trainers” initiative, which includes both virtual and in-person training on cutting-edge technologies. The in-person training will be held in Tanzania for a duration of one week. Additionally, we will equip the hubs with our “Solution Box” package, which will enable them to establish or upgrade their in-house IoT labs. Leveraging their newly acquired competencies, the hubs will launch a concise IoT certification course within their communities.

This certification program, designed in advance, will include an exciting hackathon. Furthermore, each hub will be required to develop or enhance two “Minimum Viable Products” using IoT technologies. As a culmination of their achievements, we will invite all successful hubs to participate in the “Hubiquitous Innovation Week” in Europe. This event will provide a platform for the hubs to showcase their success stories and demonstrate their MVPs. Moreover, it will facilitate opportunities for partnerships with European counterparts in Brussels and Berlin.


  • Enhance the capacity of IoT technologies hubs by providing comprehensive training for trainers.
  • Get a comprehensive “Solution Box” containing both hardware and software for setting up an IoT Lab.
  • Create innovative tech services that can generate additional revenue.
  • Showcase the accomplishments of the hubs by participating in the HUBiquitous Innovation Week in Europe.
  • To support the launch of their new services, hubs can receive a maximum contribution of €10,000. This contribution can be utilized for expenses related to travel reimbursement, event organization (such as hackathons), and MVP costs.


  • Please ensure that you have a physical address in an African country or are associated with a TecHub or entity located in any African country.
  • Make sure that you are legally registered and possess a valid certificate of registration within the respective African country.
  • Don’t forget to fill out all the required application forms and submit all the necessary documentation as indicated in the application form.
  • Remember to complete the application form before the stated deadline.
  • Hubs should carefully review the specific eligibility criteria mentioned in the call for applications. Failure to meet any of the criteria will result in automatic disqualification.


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