Apply for the 100x Impact Accelerator Program for social unicorn orgazations

At 100x Impact Accelerator Program, we’re on the lookout for the next generation of social unicorns – organizations that can create a billion-scale positive change. We’re searching for radical thinkers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about building a new and better world.


An impact-first venture is all about prioritizing the positive change it can make in the world. Whether it’s structured as a non-profit or a for-profit, what matters is the mission-driven approach that places impact at the forefront.

Focused on one of our eight impact areas. You are delivering impact in at least one of our eight impact areas

Geographical Coverage – anywhere in the world

Impact Traction. You are an emerging startup that has successfully launched its product but is still in the early stages of growth. This typically indicates that:

  • Your solution is already available in the market.
  • You have gathered data that supports the positive impact of your model.
  • Your organization has reached a significant number of end-users, either through a direct B2C approach or through partnerships with businesses or government entities (B2B or B2G).
  • You have a dedicated team of four or more full-time employees.
  • You have secured a minimum of USD100,000 in capital from various sources.

Ambition for scale. You hold a perspective on the possible ‘endgame’ for your social unicorn, which involves making a positive impact on a massive scale, potentially reaching billions of people. For more information on the Endgame Theory and Social Unicorn, please refer to the provided details.

We do not fund the following projects

  • Ideas or pre-pilot stage ventures
  • Ventures that do not plan to scale their impact to achieve their mission
  • Projects housed within an established, mature ventures (unless there is a plan to spin out)
  • Government bodies, network bodies, grant-making foundations, financing intermediaries (unless direct end users), or similar entities

Selection Criteria

At 100x, we are on the lookout for the future social unicorns – organizations that are making a positive impact on a massive scale. Our selection process involves a comprehensive assessment of both the individuals and the business model. Here are the essential factors we take into account:

  • Outstanding leadership
  • Addressable Impact
  • Established proof of Concept
  • High Velocity of Change
  • Distinctiveness of Solution
  • Cohort Fit

Our goal is to carefully choose ventures that not only offer innovative solutions but also have leaders who are truly dedicated to making a positive impact on society and the environment. We highly value being close to communities, embracing inclusive approaches, and having the ability to bring about meaningful and lasting change.

We strive to have 70% of our portfolio comprised of ventures from emerging markets. Additionally, we place great importance on supporting organizations where founders and/or senior team members are based in the same region as our organization operates.

Furthermore, we are keen on supporting female-led organizations that have taken gender into account when designing their products or services. We believe in fostering a global community of leaders that represents diverse perspectives and contributes to a thriving market.

For details and to apply please visit the progam webiste here deadline for applications is 29 January 2024

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