Apply for UNECA 4th Youth Innovators Design Bootcamp for young Africans

Youths from all backgrounds are cordially invited to the fourth Bootcamp of the Africa Regional Science, Technology, and Innovation Forum by the UN Economic Commission for Africa and its partners. The Bootcamp will concentrate on cutting-edge technologies and how they may be used to provide Africa with water and renewable energy. Given the fact that Sustainable Growth Goals 6 and 7 will be reviewed in 2023 and their unique significance to Africa’s development, the two disciplines of energy and water technology were chosen.

The purpose of the bootcamp is to introduce young people to the value chains of several cutting-edge renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind, battery, and hydrogen. The bootcamp will also give young people the chance to learn about innovative and entrepreneurial potential, large-scale manufacturing, and the global adoption of technical solutions for energy and water. Additionally, the goal of this bootcamp is to inspire and encourage young people to investigate the technological advancements and business prospects provided by new and emerging technologies in order to foster economic growth, support industrial development, and enhance quality of life in general.


All African youngsters under the age of 30 who may or may not be enrolled in colleges and institutions are eligible to attend the bootcamp. The submission of applications is also encouraged for those who are employed or in innovation hubs.
Partners from other countries, experts from research centers, innovation hubs, universities, and institutions, as well as representatives from the business and government sectors, may offer support to participants.
They are welcome to work as mentors, coaches, talent scouts, and guest lecturers.

For any inquiries, contact Mr. Asfaw Yitna at [email protected]. For Additional Information Visit the Official Webpage of the UNECA

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