Everything Google launched yesterday at #MadeByGoogle

Google launched three devices yesterday, taking on Apple, Amazon, and FB.

The first: the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, the newest generation of Google’s flagship Android smartphone. Both come with slimmed down bezels, wireless charging, and AI-powered dual front cameras with nifty new camera modes like Night Sight, Super Res Zoom, and Top Shot that takes a burst of photos and automatically selects the best one.

Cool thing: Google’s voice AI (dubbed Duplex) will automatically screen calls from suspected spammers, just like a personal assistant, singlehandedly bringing voicemail into the 21st century.

The smaller 5.5″ Pixel 3 sells for $799, with the larger 6.3″ Pixel 3 XL coming in at $899. Pre-orders are live. 📱

The second: the Google Home Hub, their newest addition to the Google Home family. It comes with a 7″ screen to display the weather, upcoming appointments, and cat videos on YouTube.

At $149, this new device directly competes with the Amazon Echo Show ($229+) and the contentious Facebook Portal ($199+). We’ll have to wait and see who wins the battle for your kitchen counter. 🏘️

The third: the new Google Pixel Slate, their most recent attempt to kill the iPad. The Chrome OS tablet comes with a 3000×2000 display, 8-16GB of RAM, front and rear cameras, and will ship later in 2018 for $599+. Biggest heartbreak: it does not have a headphone jack. 😢

The timing for the entire event is odd. Just yesterday, Google killed Google+ and disclosed a security incident that exposed 500,000+ user’s personal data to third parties. Facebook just launched their own Facebook Portal on Monday. Maybe somebody got their wires crossed. 🤷‍♂️

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