Nigerian Consumer Credit Corporation Invites Expression of Interest from those Interested in obtaining consumer credit

The Nigeria Consumer Credit Corporation (CrediCorp) is a government-owned company in Nigeria with the goal of increasing consumer credit access to 50% of employed Nigerians by 2030. CrediCorp accomplishes this objective by:

  • A) Removing the obstacles to consumer credit access in Nigeria.
  • B) Stimulating the market through funding, guarantees, and policy.

CrediCorp, along with its consumer credit guarantee fund, collaborates closely with the Central Bank of Nigeria, the financial industry, identity management, credit bureaus, fintech companies, consumer protection agencies, and policymakers to achieve this goal.

The main focus of CrediCorp’s operations includes:

  • Standardizing and democratizing credit registries and credit scores in Nigeria, using the National Identification Number (NIN) as the primary identifier.
  • Offering credit guarantees to financial institutions to promote credit products that benefit consumers and encourage the purchase of locally-made goods and services.
  • Providing wholesale and catalytic loans to financial institutions dedicated to expanding consumer credit opportunities.

The scheme will be rolled out rapidly but in phases. The portal to apply for consumer credit and receive it via our several partner financial institutions opens shortly. in the meantie, the corporation invites all interested Nigerians to submit their expression of interest in Consumer credit through their site https://credicorp-register.ng/apply

Target market of the Nigerian Consumer Credit corporation

This program, in partnership with financial institutions and cooperatives across the country, seeks to expand the accessibility of consumer credit. Individuals in Nigeria who are employed and wish to obtain consumer credit can indicate their interest by visiting credicorp.ng – https://credicorp-register.ng/apply. The deadline for submission is May 15, 2024. The implementation of this initiative will occur in stages, initially targeting civil service employees and gradually extending to the general public.

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