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Farm-Tech Expo Kenya takes Kenya’s agriculture sector to the next level in 2018

Farm-Tech Expo Kenya takes Kenya’s agriculture sector to the next level in 2018!

Continued agriculture economic growth in Kenya has awoken the need to facilitate an enabling environment where suppliers, farmers of all scales and industry stakeholders from the agri-value chain can meet on a professional live B2B platform over 2 days.

Farm-Tech Expo Kenya will bring new feature areas, the latest in technology, mechanisation, seed varieties and products from across the globe into one arena.  With over 4000+ farming professionals expected to descend on the field across two days, the launch event is set to be the one-stop-shop for Kenyan farmers to find all services needed to effectively manage a modern agricultural operation with value additions.

Download the expo brochure here to see what options are available>

What makes this expo different?

Farm-Tech Expo Kenya is a live outdoor expo and farmers visit the expo where they can see, touch and experience your products, solutions and service range first hand.  This is your opportunity to demonstrate your products live in action to a target driven audience of farming professionals.

  • Exclusive to all scale farmers and agripreneurs ONLY
  • The Expo delivers over 4,000 farming professionals over two days to network with 80+ leading solution providers globally
  • Featured as a live outdoor exhibition, farmers of all scale will get the opportunity to test and compare products in live practical demonstrations
  • Bringing international solutions to East Africa, Farm-Tech Expo Kenya is an international agricultural trade platform
  • Servicing the needs of farmers from across the agri value chain, featured zones at the Expo include an; Irrigation Zone, Energy Zone, SME & Business Zone, Agroprocessing & Value Added Zone, Livestock Zone and a Horticulture Zone, Live Crop Trials and Machinery Demonstrations
  • Providing dedicated training initiatives for small to emerging scale farmers with certification through AgriTeach
  • Delivering a Hosted Farmers Programme: An organised transportation initiative for small to emerging scale farmers to attend the event

This is your opportunity to boost your business in the region, meet with new customers in an interactive business platform and to maintain existing business relationships on the ground. To book your space or explore new options for 2018, please contact the Farm-Tech Expo Team

Liam Beckett t: +27 21 700 3552 m: +27 792 817 865 e: [email protected]
Stephen Campbell t: +27 21 700 3534 m: +27 826 640 242 e:
Johann Crafford t: +27 21 700 3598 m: +27 796 756 490 e:

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