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Fintech funding tumbles as enthusiasm wanes

Enthusiasm for fintech funding wanes

VCs’ enthusiasm for fintech, which ranked as the hottest sector for startup investment last year, is showing signs of waning. In the past two weeks, a total of 51 fintech companies across the globe collectively raised $1.1 billion in seed through late-stage venture funding, per Crunchbase data. This represents a definite drop.

Inside VC firm Black Founders Matters’ first fund

Portland-based Black Founders Matter, a new VC firm focused on investing in Black founder-led companies, closed $3 million for its first fund. The firm is among a growing group of micro VCs investing specifically in diverse founders.

How AI will cure the American health care system

The lack of access to health insurance Americans face leads to higher morbidity and hospitalization rates for otherwise preventable problems, driving up medical costs overall. Instead of placing an even greater burden on health care personnel, America’s health care system should look to AI, argues Flint Capital’s Sergey Gribov.

These recently public companies are worth less than they raised

Many venture-backed companies that went public last year have created little value beyond the capital invested in them. Some are even worth less than the capital they raised. That’s the finding from our review of valuations for recently public companies that were among the largest recipients of venture funding.

Are the good times over for startups?

Sources we spoke with say although funding deals are still being made, valuations are sinking and some companies are reevaluating their fundraising efforts amid a maelstrom of geopolitical tensions, inflation, expected interest rate hikes, and a seemingly never-ending pandemic.

Outbound prospecting: Your guide to success in 2022

In sales, outbound prospecting is all about the pursuit. But, before you embark on the hunt for prospects, you need to know what outbound prospecting is and why it’s an important sales strategy. Here are five secrets to outbound success that will help you close more deals in 2022.

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