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Flutterwave launches new product Tuition to ease education fees payments

Flutterwave, a market-leading provider of payments technology, has introduced Tuition, a new payment service that enables African customers to effortlessly pay a variety of tuition fees to educational institutions both domestically and abroad using their native currencies. On Tuition, you can find high schools, colleges, universities, and even international edutech platforms.

The purpose of tuition is to make payments easier and to address the problems associated with paying school fees for students who are studying at home and abroad. With ambitions to add more institutions in more countries in Africa and beyond, the new service now makes it possible for students, parents, guardians, sponsors, and sponsors to pay school fees to over 40 institutions in the UK.

African payments to foreign schools have reportedly been hampered by a variety of issues. Africans have had trouble ensuring that their monies are released in the lowest amount of time to foreign financial institutions due to the high cost of transactions, restricted access to banking services, lack of transparency, security concerns, and currency exchange rates.

With the new offering, paying for school fees will be easier, safer, and more dependable thanks to Flutterwave’s top-notch payments technology solution. Now that tuition payments may be sent directly to educational institutions in the UK, parents, guardians, and sponsors can easily monitor the status and history of their transactions.

The CEO of Flutterwave, Olugbenga “GB” Agboola, remarked on tuition by saying,

“We are thrilled to introduce Tuition to assist the aspirations of African students at all levels who wish to pursue their education anywhere without having to stress about how they will pay their school fees by the due date. With tuition, we are giving African students a more secure, dependable, and cost-effective way to achieve their goals and easily obtain financial assistance from their parents, guardians, and sponsors.

Stella Elele, Product Manager of Tuition by Flutterwave, commented on the launch of the new product: “We are always searching for new ways to make payment challenges in Africa hassle-free, and we are confident that Tuition will be a game changer for parents who want to support their children’s education. With intentions to potentially expand the service to other African nations, we are thrilled to offer this alternative to parents in Nigeria. For our clients, we strive to offer the greatest service and assistance possible.

The product is now offered in Nigeria for the payment of UK school fees and will shortly be made available in additional African nations in the coming months. Flutterwave also has plans to expand the number of schools in Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and France and Germany as it grows access to the product.

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