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France sends England out of the 2022 World Cup on 2:1 score line

France beat England on two goals to one to advance to the semi finals of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. France first goal came in the first half while England equalized through a penalty kick in the second half half taken by Harry Kane. France winning goal of the match came late into the second half.

The England Captain, Harry Kane, missed a penalty kick and a golden opportunity to bring England back into the game in the 82nd minute of play as he ballooned the kick way high into the sky to the disappointment of everyone, especially the English fans and his team mates.

Mpape was policed by England throughout the encounter giving him no room to operate. But while he was policed, that left his team mates room to do the damage to England.

England had one last chance to bring the game back in the last minute of the extra time when a free kick was awarded just outside the penalty box but they failed to utilize the opportunity. Marcus Rashord, the kick taker, followed the pattern of Kane’s second penalty kick and ballooned the shot over the bar, high into the sky to the relieve of France. France will face Morocco in the semi finals of the tournament.

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