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GE Foundation Extends $100,000 Flood Relief Grant to Kogi State

Following several months of intense rain and devastating flooding, the GE Foundation today made a commitment of $100,000 to Nigeria in order to provide urgent help. The contribution will help the international humanitarian organization CARE ( support volunteers and local emergency response officials in Kogi State. In particular, the donation will aid in meeting the region’s immediate requirements for up to 2,500 people living in up to 800 families in terms of food security and hygiene. Through its Matching Gifts Program, GE ( employees can contribute to relief efforts in addition to the organization’s donation.

The GE Foundation’s Matching Gifts program allows GE workers who make qualified donations to CARE or other participating organizations to sign up for a match. This initiative encourages employees’ individual philanthropy and charitable giving by offering a 1:1 match. The idea of a corporate matching gift program was developed by the GE Foundation in 1954. Presently, the initiative still plays a significant role in the Foundation’s portfolio, with donations that were matched in 2021 totaling $6.2 million.

In order to lessen suffering and speed recovery, GE’s Disaster and Humanitarian Relief program responds to significant worldwide disasters and humanitarian crises by utilizing its people, technology, and other resources. Nearly $7.2 million of the GE Foundation’s charitable donations for disaster assistance have been made since 2020, with the majority going toward the COVID-19 pandemic response. Recently, the GE Foundation collaborated with CARE to help flood relief operations in Kentucky and humanitarian aid in Sri Lanka ( and, respectively).

With the goal of lowering the country’s cancer mortality rates, GE has developed a number of CSR programs in Nigeria, including aid to displaced populations, school supplies for charitable organizations and orphanages, and financial support for the expansion of cancer screening and diagnostics. By meticulously optimizing the effect of our financial, technological, and human resources, GE is still committed to preventing and reacting to future natural catastrophes and humanitarian crises.

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