How to Create a Press Kit That Gets Publicity for Your Business

Getting your business or product featured in a major publication or website can be huge. Imagine the largest publication in your industry or a local news affiliate giving you free press. Now imagine the kind of exposure and traffic this would bring to your business.

Besides the potential sales press can generate, getting mentioned on established websites allows you to borrow the trust of these publications and gives your website social proof by allowing you to place their logos on your website.

How can business owners make it easy for websites, magazines and publishers to want to publish content talking about your business?

With a press kit.

What’s a Press Kit?

A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a page on your website that contains resources and information for reporters and publishers. A press kit makes it really easy for reporters to quickly learn about your product and brand, and access photos and marketing materials they can use in their content. You’re letting them know “hey, we love the press, here’s everything for you to put your story together as well as how to best reach us”.

A press kit isn’t strictly only for reporters or publications either. Anyone who wants to talk about or promote your business has the tools to make it easier for them. Whether that’s someone with a podcast, someone with a personal blog, or someone sharing your story in a community they are active in.

However, a press kit is not a way to guarantee press for your business, it’s a way to make getting press a little bit easier. When you’re networking and reaching out to publications, you will always have your press kit to refer to and direct reporters to. When you do most of the work for reporters up front, they’ll be more receptive to your pitch for press on their website or publication. Plus, it looks  professional and makes you more appealing to write about.

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Besides directing reporters to your press kit page, your press kit page should be easily accessible on your website. You might not want to put a link to it in your main navigation, but it’s a good idea to include a “press”, “press kit” or “media kit” link in the footer of your website. Most reporters and publishers will know to look for it there as that is a common place for the press kit link.

What’s a Press Kit?via Holstee

What Makes A Good Press Kit?

What you put in your press kit will vary depending on your business and what you have to work with. There are a few essentials that I recommend as well as a few “nice to haves” if it is possible or available to put in your press kit.


  • Your story: Share your story, how your business came to be and a little about yourself and why you’re doing what you’re doing.
  • Company facts: How many customers have you served? How long have you been in business? How many units have you sold? What year did your business start? Any other facts or figures that you can share with reporters? Where is your business located? Where is your product manufactured?
  • Large, high-resolution images of your logo and branding: Make it easy for content publishers to use your logo or create graphics using your logo by providing options. Provide high quality, high resolution graphics that also include a transparent background to make your graphics easy to use for nearly any purpose including print. If applicable, include a download to the raw, vector file.
Essentialsvia FiftyThree

  • People in your team: If there’s anyone else in your business besides yourself, share their story and their role and how they got involved in your business.
  • Samples of articles/press: Show reporters other articles and publications that you or your business has been featured in or talked about. These can be blog posts, interviews, magazine articles, press releases, and articles on other websites. This gives people interested in talking about your business on their website, something to work from.

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  • Separate press/media email: A separate email address specifically for reporters, journalists or publications to contact you. For example “”.
  • Name spelling/capitalization: If your business has unique spelling or capitalization, specify how you wish your brand name to be printed. For example, if you are CompanyName and not Company Name or companyname, make it clear!
  • Audio/video interviews/segments: If your business has been mentioned on a podcast, on the radio, or on a local news station, link to the clip or embed the media on your press kit page.
  • Awards/recognition: Share any awards or recognition your business has received.
  • Non-profit and volunteer involvement: Lastly, include any charities or non-profit work your business has been involved with.

Press Kit Examples

If you need some inspiration or need a better idea of how these press kit pages look and what they contain, check out some of these ecommerce businesses doing it right.

Get Press

It’s your turn now. When you’re considering putting together a press kit for your website, think about the websites and publications you want to be on and think about what you can put together in your press kit that will make it easier to get press there. If you need help creating yours, try using an app to help generate a press kit in your Shopify store.

Remember that you still need to go out there and network and put yourself out there if you want to get press coverage for your business. A press kit only makes it easier for reporters to talk about you. You still need to do the work to make it happen.

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