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Hyundai Motor/UNDP (for Tomorrow) Initiative for grassroots innovators around the world


An initiative that celebrates bottom-up innovation

Hyundai Motor/UNDP (for Tomorrow) Initiative for grassroots innovators around the world

for Tomorrow combines Hyundai’s resources and technological expertise and the diverse know-how and global reach of the United Nations Development Programme in a commitment to connecting the local innovators creating solutions for a more sustainable future and advancing these solutions to reach the ambitious goals set out in Agenda 2030.

The Accelerator Lab network was borne out of a frank assessment by UNDP leadership two years ago that, following decades of success, their development work was no longer generating solutions at the speed and scale required by the complexity of issues confronting society today, from AI to the use of facial recognition in policing (not to mention the impending COVID pandemic). In the past, the organization traditionally created top-down programs. What if, they wondered, they instead looked at small solutions on the ground—at what was already working for those closest to the problem—and sought to expand the innovation’s benefit on a larger scale?

That’s where the “for Tomorrow” initiative comes in. With the resources that Hyundai provide—for instance, a digital platform designed for users to share their ideas, and development guidance to help steer these ideas toward reality—regional Solution Mappers are able to identify new local innovators and understand how they’re tackling issues native to their area. They then share their findings with their counterparts around the globe who, in turn, incorporate or adapt them with their own network of local innovators.

How it works

  1. Share SolutionsShare your innovative sustainability solution. Solutions may take a variety of forms. From practical, hands-on inventions and in-the-field approaches to digital applications that provide new ways to analyze, organize and use data, we’re looking for solutions that represent a concrete step towards solving a sustainability issue in your community.
  2. Support SolutionsBrowse solutions and support the ones that inspire you most.
  3. for Tomorrow Spin-Off AssemblyThe for Tomorrow Spin-Off Assembly’s featured solutions will be celebrated and transformed in an on-site, two-day event in New York City.
  4. The United Nations Development Programme Accelerator Labs NetworkAfter the Spin-Off Assembly, some solutions might be deployed in the United Nations Development Programme’s Accelerator Labs, a network of agile, in-the-field teams fueling sustainable development around the globe. Others will be offered to partner with governments or private sector investors to scale.


You can help advance sustainable development goals and/or support existing ones. To submit your own solution, it should:

• Identify the problem being solved, its impact, and the solution’s goals.

• Address one or more sustainable developmental goals.

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