IPO parade marches on with Uber, PagerDuty on deck

IPO parade marches on with Uber, PagerDuty on deck

After a few months of relative quiet, the U.S. IPO market has been getting noisier. This week’s most talked-about event promises to be the public release of Uber’s IPO prospectus. Meanwhile, another unicorn, PagerDuty, is making waves with a new filing raising the expected share price range for its upcoming debut.

Q1 funding totals show continued optimism

Earlier this week, Crunchbase published a long, chart-packed report on Q1 global venture funding that showed a drop in total investment from Q4 levels. But while things may be down a bit from last quarter, the bigger takeaway may be that funding is still buzzing along at historical highs, with the whiff of optimism still in the air.

Zoom IPO comes amid broader surge in videoconferencing

Last week, in the wake of a strong-numbered Zoom IPO filing, two smaller video conferencing-focused startups, BlueJeans and Lifesize also dropped financial updates. Altogether, the image the companies put forth is one of a fast-growing space, with room for multiple large players.

iMod raises $11M for modular classrooms

Vallejo, California-based iMod Structures just raised $11 million to take the concept of portable classrooms to another level by bringing modular construction to the public education sector.

A quick guide to unicorn variants

The startup term “unicorn” has been part of popular parlance (at least in geeky tech circles) for well over half a decade. Over that period, word-minters have also attempted to popularize a bunch of other related terms, including decacorn, undercorn, and minotaur.

Crunchbase: Top trends for consumer tech revenue multiples

We follow 59 publicly traded internet companies in different industries including social media, marketplaces, content distribution, gaming, e-commerce, payments, and new hardware to identify overarching trends for revenue multiples in consumer tech companies.

Insurance startup Lemonade raises $300M

Lemonade, a four-year-old startup that operates an AI-driven insurance platform for renters and homeowners, has raised $300 million in a Series D round led by SoftBank. The financing reportedly brings the valuation for the New York-based company to more than $2 billion.

PagerDuty prices IPO above range

Bring on the unicorn IPOs. The latest one, enterprise software provider PagerDuty, priced shares for its initial public offering at $24 each, above the already elevated range. The offering could reportedly raise up to $250 million for the San Francisco-based company.

Founders find opportunity in cultural taboos

Across many cultures, women feel the stigma of talking about periods, women’s health and puberty. Startups are tackling the issue, with subscription models and websites aimed at easing the discomfort.

All the Q1 VC charts

Crunchbase News has aggregated some 50 charts included in our 2019 global venture investment report into a couple of slideshows, one focused on global VC and the other on North America.

Crunchbase: Tips to improve your bad pitch deck

We don’t want to presume your investor pitch is bad, but if you are among the likes of LinkedIn, Uber, and YouTube – it very well might be. This article dives into how to improve your pitch, and rips up real pitch decks in the process.

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