Looking for investment opportunities in Africa?

Looking to expand your business in Africa? Searching for an investor? Hoping to increase your business revenue? Interested in finding a business partner or selling more products, goods, or services?

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Raising Capital for an African Company, Fund or Project?

There are multiple ways in which we can help you raise capital including through promotion on the African Investments Dashboard, the Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard, meeting Africa’s investors at AFSIC – Investing in Africa, publication of your deal in a Deal Book, Quickfire Pitching and though various Digital promotions. 

African Investments Dashboard, the Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard

Any opportunity seeking investment can be listed on the Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard for free. This dashboard is accessible by all users of our websites. Once approved for listing, interested users will be able to contact you directly. You can also view Business Opportunities posted by our other users on this Dashboard.

The African Investments Dashboard captures compelling investment opportunities that have comprehensive business and financial plans as well as Investor Decks or Information Memorandums prepared. This Dashboard is accessed by our network of global institutional investors that invest in venture capital, private equity, listed equity, private and listed debt and African funds.

Africa Events Limited (AEL) is revolutionizing Africa’s business, trade, and investment landscape. We are dedicated to boosting Africa’s economy, reducing poverty, and increasing incomes across all business sectors in all 54 African countries.

AEL, along with our sister company African Investments Limited, operates three business platforms that cater to Africa’s business, trade, and investment opportunities on a large scale:

  1. AFSIC – Investing in Africa: This annual event in London attracts Africa’s largest investors, significant companies, and leading Regional and National Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies.
  2. AFSIC African Investments Dashboard: This fintech platform sources Africa’s most attractive investment opportunities and matches them with regulated institutional investors who have a mandate to invest in Africa.
  3. Africa Business Opportunities Dashboard: This fintech platform matches business, trade, and investment opportunities across Africa, encompassing all business products, sectors, and countries. By joining this platform, you become part of one of Africa’s most vibrant business communities. Check out our LinkedIn Page to see the latest joiners.

AEL’s Managing Director, Rupert McCammon, has an extensive history of promoting investment, business, and trade opportunities in Africa. Previously serving as the CEO of the Botswana Stock Exchange during its peak performance, he also played a pivotal role in establishing Botswana’s largest investment bank.

The importance of increased investment in Africa cannot be overstated. According to McKinsey’s report on solving Africa’s infrastructure paradox, there is a significant shortfall in annual infrastructure investment, with more than 50% of projects remaining stagnant in the feasibility stage. Only 20% of these projects successfully progress beyond the planning stage, and even fewer reach financial close. AEL’s platforms aim to address this issue by facilitating and closing transactions on a continental scale, connecting both major corporate players and participants engaging in business and trade for the first time.

AEL’s success and its ability to play a significant role in Africa’s business, trade, and investment landscape are attributed to the development of sophisticated digital processes and automated matching platforms. These platforms were recognized with the prestigious 2022 Global Salesforce Innovation Award for Financial Services. Salesforce, being one of the world’s largest listed companies and a leading global tech company, further validates the excellence of AEL’s platforms.

Want to grow your business in Africa?

Africa Events Limited collaborates with major National Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies, as well as governments, to foster business connections within Africa. As an example, AEL actively supports the Prosper Africa initiative, which aims to enhance two-way trade and investment between the United States and Africa. AEL’s involvement includes significantly increasing US exports to Africa and assisting in the establishment of new supply chains from Africa to the US. Prosper Africa is a comprehensive government initiative that harnesses the services and resources of 17 US Government Agencies.

  • Our focus is on promoting Africa’s leading business, trade and investment opportunities. Our team has enormous experience in promoting inward investment and business opportunities within Africa.
  • Current Team Members have:
  • Run an African Stock Exchange
  • Managed the largest Pan African Equity Fund globally
  • Built Stockbroking Companies in Africa
  • Invested across the African continent
  • Run a Listed Company in Africa
  • Raised Finance for Companies across Africa
  • Travelled to almost all parts of the African continent
  • Led investor missions across Africa with many of Africa’s leading investors
  • How Can We Help You?

Our primary focus is on the expansion of business, trade, and investment in Africa. We offer assistance in growing your business in Africa through various means:

  1. Engaging with Africa’s top institutional investors at AFSIC – Investing in Africa, or during one of our investor missions held throughout Africa.
  2. Expanding your network across Africa by connecting with business leaders from different regions of the continent at our numerous events.
  3. Showcasing your business products, services, and goods through our robust digital online presence at no cost.
  4. Establishing a strong digital footprint by featuring your profile on our digital platforms, enabling users to easily locate you through our advanced search capabilities at no charge.
  5. Connecting your funding or financial needs with suitable global investors and businesses interested in investing in your industry.
  6. Accessing complimentary business opportunities from your selected countries in Africa and specific business sectors.

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