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Looking Your Best for Virtual Meetings


This week photographer and documentary filmmaker Antoine Didienne from the BNI Partners in Growth chapter in San Diego joins Dr. Misner to talk about how to look better on virtual meetings–including your BNI online™ meetings.

Two of the most important factors in how you look on a video call are positioning your camera and lighting yourself. You can improve both of these without buying any special equipment.

  • Always face the light source.
  • Use “daylight white” (5,000K) light bulbs.
  • Position your camera at or above eye level. Using a laptop or tablet? Put it on a stack of books.
  • Natural light: sit facing the window at a 45-degree angle.
  • Artificial light: position the light source in front of and above you.
  • You can open a blank Word doc to use your screen as a source of light.
  • Position the conference window as close to the camera as you can, so you look into the camera.

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