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Mama Money and Access Bank launch new WhatsApp-powered Bank Card

Mama Money, a leading cross-border money transfer operator in Africa, has collaborated with Access Bank and Paymentology to introduce an innovative bank card service that utilizes WhatsApp banking.

The Mama Money Card, integrated with WhatsApp, enables users to make international payments, purchase electricity and airtime, access bank statements, check balances, and manage accounts through the data-friendly messaging platform.

This service simplifies the process compared to traditional banks that often require proof of address for a bank card. This is especially beneficial for Mama Money’s South African customers, primarily from countries like Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, India, and more, allowing them to easily obtain a bank card for essential financial services and global money transfers to over 70 countries.

With Paymentology’s advanced payment solution, the Mama Money Card offers enhanced security features, including the ability to instantly freeze the card via WhatsApp in case of loss or theft.

“The Mama Money Card is a significant advancement in empowering communities, particularly assisting migrants. It facilitates secure employer payments, promotes savings, and enhances the financial well-being of users. By addressing the unique needs of a diverse customer base, Mama Money continues to break down financial barriers and promote inclusivity,” stated Mathieu Coquillon, co-founder of Mama Money.

“In a country where an estimated 4 million migrants lack access to essential financial services, initiatives like this from Mama Money, supported by us, play a crucial role in promoting financial inclusivity,” added Drisha Kirkman, Head of Programme Management and Sustainability at Paymentology.

The Mama Money Card is priced at just R100, along with monthly fees of R25. To obtain the Mama Money Card, individuals must sign up on the Mama Money App using their passport or asylum document.

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