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TotalEnergies starts now to develop the Ubeta gas field in Rivers State

TotalEnergies has made the Final Investment Decision (FID) for the Ubeta gas field development in Rivers State. Totarnergies is the the operator of OML 58 onshore license in Nigeria with a 40% interest, alongside the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPCL, 60%),

Situated approximately 80 km northwest of Port Harcourt in Rivers state, the OML 58 license encompasses two fields currently in operation: the Obagi oil field and the Ibewa gas and condensate field. Gas production from OML58 is processed at the Obite treatment center and distributed to both the Nigerian domestic gas market and the Nigeria LNG (NLNG) plant.

Within OML58, the Ubeta gas condensate field will be developed with a new 6-well cluster linked to the existing Obite facilities via an 11 km buried pipeline. Production commencement is anticipated in 2027, with a plateau of 300 million cubic feet per day (equivalent to about 70,000 barrels of oil per day, including condensates). Gas from Ubeta will be provided to NLNG, a liquefaction plant situated in Bonny Island undergoing capacity expansion from 22 to 30 Mtpa, where TotalEnergies holds a 15% interest.

Projected benefits of the Ubeta gas field in Rivers State

Ubeta represents a low-emission and cost-effective development, capitalizing on OML58’s existing gas processing infrastructure. The project’s carbon footprint will be further diminished through a 5 MW solar plant currently being constructed at the Obite site and the electrification of the drilling rig. TotalEnergies is collaborating closely with NNPCL to boost local content, with over 90% of manhours expected to be carried out locally.

Mike Sangster, Senior VP of Exploration and Production at TotalEnergies Africa, stated, “Ubeta is the most recent addition to a series of projects developed by TotalEnergies in Nigeria, including Ikike and Akpo West. We are delighted to launch this new gas project, made feasible by the Government’s recent incentives for non-associated gas developments. Ubeta aligns perfectly with our strategy of developing cost-effective and environmentally friendly projects, and will contribute to the Nigerian economy through increased NLNG exports.”

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