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Mapping Startup, MAPBOX, takes on Google with self-driving car maps

Mapping startup Opens a New Window. Mapbox, is teaming up with Microsoft, Intel and Softbank Corp.’s ARM Holdings chip unit to take on Google Maps, the CEO Eric Gundersen told FOX Business Opens a New Window. on Friday.

However, unlike Google, Mapbox doesn’t actually have an app.

Instead the company uses code and software Opens a New Window. that allows developers to build maps directly into their apps.

“Any developer can put our stuff in there,” Gundersen told Stuart Varney on “Varney & Co.” Opens a New Window.

And it’s not limited to self-driving vehicles, he said.  The company is working directly with designers and developers to also allow drivers to see real-time data, like live traffic.

“Right now 350 million people a month touching our maps and any time our map is used we get live data coming back,” he said. “That’s what’s allowing us to live-map all the roads.”


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