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Market Price Decline Across Grains in the Commodities Market

Elections and the cash crunch are still slowing down market activity. The open market saw a fall in all grains during the previous trading week, with an average decline of 2.32%. The biggest loser was maize, which fell by 3.10% w-o-w.

The Exchange observed a similar pattern as most grains closed down due to the cautious stance taken by investors and processors. Also at the top of the losers list was maize, which fell just 1.53%.

This week’s direction of the domestic market will continue to be influenced by the results of the general elections and the cash shortage.

Market Price Dynamics
Most grain commodities experienced a decrease in price during the most recent trading week on the Exchange. The most lagging crop was maize, which dropped just 1.53%.

A comparable pattern was seen in the open market. The most lagging crop was maize, which fell by 3.10%.
The performance on the global market was uneven. Paddy rice was the biggest laggard, decreasing 4.35% wo-w, while ginger was the top gainer, increasing 3.98%. Use the website to learn more pertinent information on market here.

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