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PAMAfrica Green Power Generation Company Ltd launches first ever net zero village in Nigeria

Net-Zero Villages (NZVs) are communities that are planned with a whole system thinking approach to offset more greenhouse gases (GHG) than they produce, according to PAM Africa, a Nigerian renewable energy business.

NZVs, the first of their kind from an African solar company, enhance community residents’ quality of life while also expanding access to energy.

Many cutting-edge energy access technologies, including Solar Mesh-Grids, Mini-Grids, Battery Hubs, So-Cool Systems, and E-mobility options, may be found within each NZV. These characteristics make NZVs particularly appealing because they will benefit Africa.

In order to deliver clean, dependable, and economical energy, NZVs will be able to address the issue of the approximately 500 million people who do not have access to it globally. (Green building, energy efficiency). The usage of EVs will be made possible by the infrastructure’s readiness, as e-mobility is a developing trend in Africa.

According to the majority of scientists, net zero is necessary to prevent the worst effects of global warming. All 196 UN members agreed to net zero in the 2015 Paris Accord. The world must reach net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 and a 45% decrease in emissions by 2030 in order to stay within the range of 1.5°C of warming, according to the IPCC, the United Nations committee charged with analyzing the science of climate change. Although it is believed that Africa is the least responsible for climate change, programs like NZVs will help it maintain this position while still addressing its socioeconomic requirements.

It is anticipated that NZVs will significantly increase the job prospects available to African communities. For its specific community, the first NZV will create around 112 new work possibilities. As they would spend less time looking for energy, more women will be able to pursue higher education.

Dr. Patrick Agese, CEO of PAM Africa, said of the launch of the Net-Zero Villages: “Over 80 million Nigerians currently lack access to energy, and as a result, 45% of goods are lost due to a lack of refrigeration. But today, we’re empowering people to drive us closer to a future where energy throughout the country is 100% renewable, dependable, and accessible.

This has always been Nigeria’s most pressing issue, and it is now more important than ever that we find a sustainable solution to address it head-on, not just for the benefit of the people of Nigeria, but also for the sustainability of our world. PAM Africa is proud to be the first solar company in Africa forging a new path for investment in what involves the integration of various cutting-edge energy technologies. We at PAM Africa firmly believe the solution lies in Net-Zero Villages and are experiencing a difficult economic time in Nigeria.

PAM Africa, which was established in 2021, provides dependable and sustainable energy services for businesses and citizens throughout Nigeria, enhancing people’s lives through access to quality energy. It is the only African solar firm that use cutting-edge energy breakthroughs created by PhD experts, and it does so by utilizing its local and international engineering and customer support teams.

PAM Africa is proud of its prestigious alliances with international companies as Se4all, All-On, Hauts-de-France, EDF Energy, UK Research and Innovation, USADF, and others. PAM Africa has so far provided 2MWh+ of storage capacity and 0.5MW+ of installation capacity throughout Nigeria. By 2030, PAM Africa hopes to create 200 NZVs, generating 20,000 new jobs for rural residents and offsetting 56,700 tons of greenhouse gas emissions (Greenhouse Gases). The best option to offer electricity and industrialisation to African communities while taking the climate catastrophe into account is through Net Zero Villages (NZV). NZVs address many issues in African communities, including food, water, transportation, energy, and security. Thus, a direct route to rural industrialization is provided.

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