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Meta and Pulse Launches “Creators of Tomorrow” Campaign In Nigeria

Meta and Pulse Nigeria have revealed the introduction of ‘Creators of Tomorrow,’ an innovative campaign that highlights five emerging creators in Nigeria who are transforming their passions into professions and igniting a new era of creativity and community on Instagram.

Fiona Weeks, the Managing Director of Pulse Nigeria, expressed, “Pulse Nigeria has consistently prioritized creative partnerships. Through our platforms and events, we continuously seek out and endorse local creativity.

“This collaboration with Meta presents a unique opportunity. We are thrilled to introduce the creators of tomorrow and illuminate Nigeria’s up-and-coming creative talent to our vast digital audience across the country.”

The highlighted creators span across diverse creative sectors such as lifestyle, comedy, dance, and art. Their motivating journeys will be amplified through the strategic partnership with Pulse, offering a stage to showcase their creative evolution and inspiring a fresh wave of creative content online.

Oluwasola Obagbemi, the Corporate Communications Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa at Meta, remarked, “Meta is delighted to shine a spotlight on these creators, who are utilizing Instagram to express themselves in innovative ways, foster community, and bring individuals closer to their passions.

“Every day, we are inspired by the abundance of creativity and talent in Nigeria and throughout Africa, with individuals innovating through reels, short-form video content, and exploring new content formats. We are dedicated to aiding their audience expansion and are eager to collaborate closely with these creators as they unlock fresh content and new possibilities for the future.”

Featured Creators of Tomorrow

The featured Creators of Tomorrow consist of Isaac Olayiwola (Layi Wasabi), Tobe Ugeh (Tobeszn), Ifeoluwa Afolabi (Iphe), Rodney Odinakachi (Rodney), and Love Pever.

Isaac Olayiwola, known as Layi Wasabi, is a renowned content creator, comedian, and influencer who has been making waves on social media with his exceptional wit, contagious energy, and remarkable creativity. He is known for his ability to produce humorous, engaging, and relatable content, with his signature character, the Lawyer, being a prominent feature in most of his skits.

Tobe Ugeh, also known as Tobeszn, is a young influencer in the fashion and lifestyle scene, who is making a significant impact with his innovative style and infectious enthusiasm. By combining elements of lifestyle and fashion, Tobe inspires his audience by showcasing the beauty and diversity of Nigerian life.

Ifeoluwa Afolabi, popularly known as Iphe, is a dynamic content creator with a passion for creativity and a knack for producing skits and relatable content. His unique blend of humor and authenticity resonates with his audience, making his content highly relatable and engaging.

Rodney Odinakachi, an award-winning Nigerian entertainer, is a multi-talented individual known for his distinctive storytelling style and unconventional comedy. His ability to create relatable content has earned him the title of “The Wisdom Man.”

Love Pever is a captivating dancer and choreographer who has built a dedicated following with her infectious dance routines. Through her performances and choreography videos, Love brings a combination of passion, precision, and talent to the creative scene, captivating audiences with her unique style.

African creators are utilizing Meta’s platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, to share their stories and showcase the diversity of African culture to audiences both locally and globally. Nigerian creators, in particular, are playing a significant role in shaping the African narrative and making valuable creative contributions across the continent.

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