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Meta showcases 2023 Africa Year in Review with key 2023 milestones in Sub-Saharan Africa

Meta recently unveiled its ‘2023 Africa Year in Review’ report, showcasing its significant investments and achievements throughout Sub-Saharan Africa in 2023. Presented in an infographic format, the report highlights Meta’s continuous progress and dedication to the region, emphasizing its commitment to connecting communities, supporting creators, and driving innovation.

“We are excited to share our key milestones and investments in Sub-Saharan Africa as we look back on the past year,” says Kezia Anim-Addo, Meta’s Communications Director for Africa, Middle East & Turkey. “Our 2023 highlights demonstrate the impact we have made by nurturing creator ecosystems and fostering community building through technology, reaffirming our dedication to the continent.”

The 2023 Year in Review features several noteworthy accomplishments, including:

  1. Creator Lab Live: Meta launched the Creator Lab Live, a groundbreaking educational program for creators in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. This initiative aims to inspire creativity, foster positive connections, and demonstrate Meta’s support for the creator community.
  2. Instagram Creators x Brand Academy nano course: In collaboration with Red and Yellow (Creative School of Business), Meta introduced the Instagram Creators x Brand Academy nano course in South Africa. This short course provides valuable insights and best practices for creators, aspiring creators, and brands.
  3. ‘Made by Africa, Loved by the World’: Meta announced the rising stars edition of its ‘Made by Africa, Loved by the World’ campaign. This initiative amplifies the voices and stories of eight emerging young talents from Africa, who are making a global impact and reshaping perceptions of the continent on the international stage. Additionally, Meta launched the Instagram #AfricaMade Reels challenge as part of this campaign.
  4. WhatsApp Channels: Collaborated with local content creators in SSA to launch a content series showcasing the advantages of WhatsApp Channels for users.
  5. EbaSafeOnline: Teamed up with Ethnikids, an online bookstore in South Africa, to release a groundbreaking youth safety educational comic book called #EbaSafeOnline. It is available in 11 of South Africa’s official languages.
  6. Youth Safety and Wellbeing: Organized a Youth Safety and Wellbeing week in South Africa, where we engaged with over 300 youths, parents, educators, and policymakers. The aim was to educate and inform them about Meta’s safety tools.
  7. My Digital World: Conducted a Digital Literacy for Peacebuilding forum in Ethiopia, addressing the significance of digital literacy in peacebuilding. Additionally, we announced the expansion of My Digital World, a program focused on equipping young people with information and skills to thrive in a digitally connected world.
  8. African XR Realities Lab: Joined forces with Electric South to launch the African XR Realities Lab, an incubation program showcasing eight Extended Reality (XR) prototypes that utilize various immersive technologies.
  9. Meta Connect 2023: Collaborated with Nigerian creators to launch a captivating digital campaign in anticipation of the annual Meta Connect conference in 2023.

By prioritizing community connections, supporting creators, and fostering innovation, Meta continues to empower individuals and bring people closer together. The 2023 Africa Year in Review reflects Meta’s dedication to Sub-Saharan Africa and its ongoing efforts to create a positive impact in the region.

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