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Minister of Sports Inaugurates Organizing Committee for 2024 National Sports Festival

The 22nd National Sports Festival, which is scheduled to take place in Ogun State in 2019, saw the Main Organizing Committee (MOC) officially launched on Tuesday by Senator John Owan Enoh, Minister of Sports Development.

The Minister tasked the committee members with working diligently to ensure a smooth and successful games the next year during the committee’s inaugural meeting at the media center housed within the MKO Abiola Stadium, National Stadium Complex Abuja.

Enoh acknowledged that producing a great games takes labor, but he also stated that he is hopeful that the Committee would overcome all obstacles to produce a successful games because of the dedication of the Ogun State Government and the caliber of its members.

He noted that the Ministry of Sports and the state that was hosting the games typically split the costs of the competition. He declared that sports ought to be viewed as both a business and a form of enjoyment now that the National Sports Industry Policy has taken effect.

He noted that the National Sports Festival has developed into a recognizable brand after 22 years that may draw corporate sponsorship. As a result, the Minister urged the committee to package the Games to draw in sponsorship from the business community. He called sports an industry worth billions of dollars. He said there was no reason why Nigeria’s private sector-driven sports business couldn’t succeed if it could in other countries.

Senator Enoh made a plea to business entities and the private sector to encourage the growth of sports in the nation. Ismaila Abubakar, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, responded on behalf of the recently established committee and told the Minister that the members were well aware that it was their obligation to organize successful games.

He gave him his word that the committee would mobilize all available material and human resources to guarantee a flawless hosting of the Games. The Minister had earlier received assurances from Wasiu Isiaka, the Ogun State Commissioner of Sports, that the State was ready to host a successful games.

Ismaila Abubakar, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Sports Development, is the chairman of the Main Organizing Committee (MOC) for the National Sports Festival, while Bukola Olapade, Chairman of the Local Olympic Committee, is the vice chairman. The committee has the following additional members: Prof. Olawale Moronkola, Engr. Habu Gumel, Sunday Odebode, Emmanuel Utobo, Bamiduro Olumide, Brendan Ndifon, Ms. Fadeke Fadeyibi, Engr. Abolore Alanamu, Patrick Okeke, Mrs. Amaka Ashiofu, Olufehinti Olusegun, Mohammed Manga, Gregory Zi, and Ms. Paul Onyeudo.

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