Moov Africa Startup Challenge 2022

Moov Africa Startup Challenge 2022 is a competition that consists of bringing together innovative startups in the fields of Health, Finance, Agriculture, smart cities, the Internet of Things and gaming. 

This competition aims to promote modern and innovative entrepreneurship in the new technologies sector, to identify innovative startups and to reward champion startups at the end of the challenge. 

Moov Africa Startup Challenge 2022 is therefore a great Beninese technology event and a great way to present your company to those who matter to you. This event brings together Benin's brightest minds, talents and technology products to celebrate today's innovations and tomorrow's possibilities for all who believe in the power of technology to transform business and society. 

Moov Africa Startup Challenge will take place in 4 phases: 

1. Recruitment (2 weeks): registration until August 17, 2022
2. Preselection (1 week): at most 10 pre-selected Startups
3. Acceleration (2 weeks ): 5 winners to be shortlisted for the acceleration
4. Final competition (1 week): 3 winners to be awarded 

The jury will be composed of representatives of Moov Africa Benin as well as national experts proposed by the UAC Startup Valley incubator. The winners will be rewarded with financial prizes paid by Moov Africa Benin and will be able to participate in a group final in Morocco. The first startup will receive 3 million CFA francs, the second 2 million francs and the third 1 million CFA francs. Participants will also present their projects via pitches during the final competition.   moov-africa.bj 

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