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MTN and biNu partner to enable all websites and apps #datafree for South Africans

MTN and #datafree pioneer biNu have entered a partnership that will enable mobile subscribers in South Africa to access websites and apps #datafree.

Rather than using their own mobile data to visit and interact with sites or apps, mobile subscribers in South Africa can now have their data paid for by participating digital content and application owners, thanks to biNu’s pioneering reverse billing model.

MTN is now offering biNu’s platform to its enterprise client base. By zero-rating their digital touchpoints, organisations will be able to expand their reach, increase engagement – and lower communication costs by moving customer engagement online from call centres and shops/branches. A large number of enterprises are also using this technology to enhance their digital training value proposition to staff members.

Since launching its proprietary reverse billing service in August 2018, MTN has seen major take-up from organisations looking to increase their online engagement with consumers – in both the public and private sectors.

However, by migrating to the biNu platform, MTN opens up a new revenue stream through the ability to offer #datafree services to users of other networks: biNu already has reverse billing agreements in place with South Africa’s other Mobile Network Operators – Cell C, as well as Telkom and Vodacom.

biNu and MTN’s partnership provides organisations for the first time with a reverse billing platform across all networks with one point of contact for advice, support and billing.

Dr Christian Wirtz, Executive Enterprise Operations and Solutions at MTN said “Reverse billing is now a proven model in South Africa. Once banks and universities decided to carry the data costs for their customers, early adopters saw a large increase in consumers using their online portals or banking services.

MTN, in partnership with biNu, now has an extremely sophisticated platform that enables organisations to nurture loyalty, make informed business decisions from data analytics and allows organisations to maximise their competitive advantage.

The provision of #datafree apps and websites also supports MTN’s digital inclusion goals, which are also aligned to the Government’s focus on bridging the digital divide”.

In South Africa and Nigeria, biNu’s #datafree platform is already being used by brands, commercial enterprises, public bodies and NGOs who need to reach and engage with a variety of different target audiences including employees, customers and prospects.

#datafree biNu is also being used by commercial publishers looking to extend their audience reach and engagement with mobile consumers.

Stephen Newton, CEO of biNu, said “We offer a unique solution that moves the cost of mobile data from consumers to the owners of the content. I am delighted that MTN will now be offering our platform to its enterprise customers who want to increase their digital interactions with people living and working in South Africa”.

The MTN/biNu partnership covers the South African market initially and will be expanded to other countries in the future.

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