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MTN deploys 5G Standalone Core in Microsoft Azure

The leading mobile network provider in Africa, MTN, has tested a first-of-its-kind 5G Stand Alone Core that is completely deployed in Microsoft Azure. MTN and Microsoft are collaborating to speed up the digital and cloud revolution to support Africa’s economic growth.

All of the 5G Stand Alone Core components, including the control plane, user plane, and administration nodes, were completely installed in the South Africa Azure Region for the proof of concept. The project gave MTN the chance to test the advantages of setting up a core network in Azure, such as quick deployment (days as opposed to months) and simplicity of scaling. The lessons inspire a paradigm shift in network design that takes sustainability, business models, automation, and disaster recovery into account.

Amith Maharaj, chief technology officer of MTN Group, said that MTN’s decision to be among the first in the world to carry out this proof of concept illustrates the company’s determination to continuously pushing the limits of technological innovation that benefits our shareholders.

Beyond just improving connection, 5G has the power to change how people live and work in Africa. The ability for ultra-fast end-to-end connectivity that it provides is the key. Many industries, including education, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, and mining, will be able to operate more effectively thanks to it.

In order to implement the PACE technology plan, MTN Group is speeding up the rollout of 5G sites with the goal of covering 10% to 30% of the population in the medium future.

In order to assist industry leaders fully utilize the capabilities of 5G networks, Microsoft is providing them with ubiquitous computing capability. Tad Brockway, Corporate Vice President Azure for Operators, Microsoft, stated that MTN can improve its digital capabilities and enable businesses across industries to deliver contemporary, high-performance applications to their consumers more quickly.

As part of its PACE technology strategy to quicken the execution of its Ambition 2025 and drive industry-leading connectivity operations through unmatched technology platforms, MTN will leverage the PoC as a stepping stone to promote more innovation in the cloud space.

Africa will surprise on 5G,” as our Group President and CEO Ralph Mupita has indicated. Africa is on the verge of an industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) made possible by 5G. A technology has never been anticipated with such fervor.

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