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Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) to facilitate export trade with UK

The Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) has concluded plans to work things out in order to facilitate export trade with United Kingdom (UK) to boost Nigeria’s economy by removing export barriers affecting businesses in Nigeria.

Addressing journalist in Lagos, the NBCC’s President, Mr. Akin Olawore, said the Chamber has been working hard to change the bad narratives about Nigeria through its trade missions to the UK as part of efforts to attract British investment.

He added: “As we also know, there have been bad narratives and press about Nigeria, which affected businesses. But in the last four years, things have turned around. UK then declared that it will double trade with Nigeria from £40 billion to £80 billion, which is currently happening. As at 2016/2017, it has already gone up to about £70 billion because the narratives are changing.”

Said he: “We are making sure that some of the barriers confronting export, including standard of our products, are being dealt with even before they leave here. We have relationship with the standard accreditation agency such as Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and British Standard Accreditation Agency. The agencies check and advise on standards even before people take their products out of the country. All of these are the things we are doing to promote business and economy.”

In line with the founding objective of the NBCC to promote trade and investment between Nigeria and the UK, he said he would be leading a delegation of Nigerian business owners and professionals on a trade mission to the UK, specifically to London and Liverpool from June 11, 2018. According to him, the multi-sector focused mission would provide a platform for Nigerian and British businesses to engage and collaborate, adding that it is also intending to encourage, promote and facilitate trade and investments between the two nations.

By Steve Agbota,

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