Nigerian Global Affairs Council calls for Volunteers for the LG Reforms Good Governance Advocates

Local Governments in Nigeria were designed to be the cradle of Grassroots Development in areas around Healthcare, Primary School Education, Internal Street Road Network, Drainage System Management, Internal Street Light Electrification, Residential Security, and so many responsibilities within their JURISDICTION

In this, they have FAILED, it is why the Nigerian Global Affairs Council (NiGAC) has unveiled the Good Governance Advocates Community with a SOLE MANDATE ‘TO ADVOCATE FOR LOCAL GOVERNMENT REFORMS IN NIGERIA’

We are calling on Nigerians ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE around the WORLD INTERESTED in PASSIVELY VOLUNTEERING AS GOOD GOVERNANCE ADVOCATES, you will be ASSIGNED A LOCAL GOVERNMENT in Nigeria and given the TECHNOLOGICAL TOOLS to enable the entire NIGAC GGA Community (774 Advocates) track and monitor the monthly REVENUE Local Governments statutorily receive and earn from the Federation Account, State Government and Locally-generated revenue (Over 1 Billion Naira Monthly on the AVERAGE, shocked right, this monies are largely pocketed because majority of Nigerians are not aware)

The GOAL is SIMPLE, the current Local Government Administration ACT must be REPEALED and a new LAW re-enacted. This will be a LONG WALK but we are COMMITTED TO IT.

We want to CAST attention and the SPOTLIGHT on the SLEAZE that Local Government Administration has become.

Sign up for free using the FREE REGISTRATION TAB and join the other 774 Nigerians who will become GOOD GOVERNANCE ADVOCATES!!! Register here: until April 15th, 2021.

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