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NoOnes financial communication super app launched: Names Ray Youssef as CEO

The Global South’s super app for financial communication, NoOnes, has announced its formal launch, bringing people in the region access to the global financial networks. The launch comes after Ray Youssef was named CEO to support the startup’s bold goal of reaching one billion daily active Bitcoin users in the next seven years.

NoOnes, which was founded in 2023, was created to increase the Global South’s financial independence. The platform removes the obstacles and delays that come with using traditional banking and financial institutions to transfer money, allowing users to do it more quickly and freely.

Its business model is based on the ideas that peer-to-peer networks represent the only real free markets in the world and that Bitcoin represents a new global financial system that has the potential to improve the lives of people in South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, India, and the Philippines are currently NoOnes’ largest markets. The company has amassed over 400,000 members globally and turned a profit in less than four months of business.

The NoOnes app has three primary components and may be downloaded from the Google Store:

a marketplace with over 400 available payment options (gift cards, mobile money, bank transfers, and other crypto currencies) where customers from 190 countries may buy or sell Bitcoin and stable cryptocurrencies. A wallet that serves as a valuables store

A messenger via which most peer-to-peer transactions happen. Apart from offering a vast array of features for its products, such as an upcoming enhanced wallet functionality that facilitates bill payment processing with leading African vendors, NoOnes is committed to enhancing the user experience, especially for its Global South consumers. This focus is on providing a safe trading environment with a quick and efficient localized dispute process, as well as removing barriers and improving accessibility through a streamlined and seamless KYC onboarding process.

The addition of Ray Youssef to the team brings a plethora of knowledge and understanding to the table in areas like operations management, growth hacking, product innovation, and strategic planning. Having successfully weathered the difficulties of the startup landscape, he is an experienced entrepreneur who offers years of knowledge to the organization. Youssef was the CEO of Paxful, USA, INC., a business he started and guided to extraordinary heights, before joining NoOnes.

Youssef is also one of the minds behind the Built with Bitcoin foundation, which seeks to develop 100 towns around Africa with the goal of enhancing the impoverished people’s financial, mental, physical, and environmental well-being.

Ray Youssef said, “It’s an honor to assume this position and get straight to work,” in reference to his new position as CEO of Noones. I have been fighting for financial sovereignty for the Global South for the last eight years. Ultimately, I’m happy to have completed the task I started nearly ten years ago. I’m excited and honored to support Bitcoin’s aspirations and expansion, and I’m convinced that it will be essential in advancing the prosperity of our continent. Developing an interoperable Pan-African clearing layer to raise intra-African trade from single digits to levels akin to intra-European trade will be our primary objective. NoOnes may become a trillion dollar business in Africa alone, but the possibilities are endless when you include the rest of the global south.

As co-author of the CivKit whitepaper, Youssef highlights his dedication to financial inclusion. CivKit is a decentralized open-source technology for Civilization 2.0. He envisions Bitcoin playing a pivotal role in eradicating poverty and giving the Global South a rightful seat in the global financial conversation, fostering more trades and more wealth. As the first business to develop on CivKit, NoOnes will share its liquidity and welcome new rivals in an effort to jointly create a global free market.

“The internet, mobile phones, and a wave of disruptive startups failed to truly disrupt money,” Youssef concluded. Here at NoOnes, we think the solution is to finish Bitcoin. The people are being empowered in ways never seen before by new financial technologies that are opening up unheard-of, limitless potential.

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