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Notable Movements in the Market Prices of Grains Amid Harvest

The price of maize on the Exchange last week was rather outstanding, closing at 36.41% high and outperforming other commodities. 

Also, in the international market, the price of maize exceeded other commodities on a year-to-date basis. However, in the open market, soybean maintained an upward trend following the price hike last week.

The AEI and ACI remain flat up until the 2021/2022 trading season.

Market Price Performance

  • Maize reversed its negative trend last week, to surge 36.41% on the Exchange closing at N208.70/kg in price.
  • In the open market, price of soybean went up for the second consecutive week because of the strong demand awaiting its new harvests.
  • Maize outperformed all other commodities in the international market on a year to date basis.

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