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Notable performances of Grains on the Commodities Exchange Amid Harvest

Cocoa had quite an impressive week for players on the Exchange, closing 4.18% higher at price to outperform other commodities on the Exchange. 

In the open market, sesame closed the week by 8.70% as traders hike prices in response to demand pressure for the commodity. The volume of sesame in the open market, however, remains low.

The AEI and ACI remain flat up until the 2021/2022 trading season. Market Price Performance

  • Cocoa continued its positive performance on the Exchange as it closed at a year-to-date performance of 27.27%.
  • In the open market, sesame price rose higher as traders met and decided to hike already high prices. Available volumes are still low for the high demand for sesame.
  • Cashew nut international price remains stable W-o-W as the US, and Europe almost fulfilled their purchase for 2021.

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