Now Accepting Applications: She Starts Africa Female Founder Program for African Female Founders and Entrepreneurs

The She Starts Africa Female Founder Program intends to assist you in fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, acquiring the necessary skills, comprehending the market, expanding your reach, and making an investor pitch. The program’s goal is to provide comprehensive support for African female founders as they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. It does this by focusing on experimentation to promote growth and providing a safe environment for failure and learning over the course of three months.


The targets are African based female entrepreneurs who founded startups or SMEs and who: are between the ages of 25 and 40. Younger women (ages 25 to 44) had the highest rates of entrepreneurship participation worldwide.
Degree: Have at least three years of college under your belt. No particular history.
Activity: Engage in business on the African continent in any sector.
Market share: Having generated an initial profit from a product or service that is now on the market.

Growth rate: Insufficient cash flows that don’t match the rate of growth and the anticipated revenues. more tools and resources are needed to improve human capital capabilities in order to address current market issues and thereby improve the entity’s positioning.
Need Founders: The leader can decide to select new people to whom some of the work would be delegated if they are unable to manage or lead the entity or if the management team lacks the necessary skills.


A website for female founders where attendees can access the schedule, programs, and materials to complete a totally digital accelerated program that was designed with female founders in mind.

A website for entrepreneurs where companies can sign up for training and mentoring sessions for a number of their female staff. mostly about entrepreneurship, digital change, and innovation.

community website – a website where community members may communicate with one another, post articles, get assistance, or schedule calls with our specialists.. Resources, opportunities, and videos are all available on a freemium portal. Visit the Official Webpage of the She Starts Africa Female Founder program Deadline: December 15, 2022

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