Open Programs on VC4A

Latest and trending open programs on VC4a PLATFORM

Merck Accelerator Cape Town Satellite Program

Get your startup to the next level

72% Complete

Apply before: October 14, 2018

Global Water Challenge

The Global Water Challenge is working to identify new generation solutions

77% Complete

Apply before: September 12, 2018

Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2018

We create the technology to connect the world

96% Complete

Apply before: September 6, 2018

Africa Innovates for the SDGs

Solve pressing issues. Raise awareness about your work

93% Complete

Apply before: September 7, 2018

Branding For Her Intiative – Design For Business Growth

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

79% Complete

Apply before: September 12, 2018

Apps Africa Innovation Awards 2018

Africa. Tech. Insight

97% Complete

Apply before: September 7, 2018

Join re:publica in Accra

Programme made by you

65% Complete

Apply before: September 9, 2018

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