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Start-ups Selected for the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship Announced

CcHUB Nigeria has recently announced the acceptance of twelve innovative EdTech start-ups into its second cohort of the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship. Launched in 2023, this fellowship aims to provide support and funding to start-ups that are driving positive change in Africa’s education sector.

The selected start-ups will have access to a wide range of technical and advisory resources, mentorship opportunities, including courses on the science of learning, and a global network to help them expand their impact. The fellowship is specifically designed to assist EdTech companies across Africa that are addressing various learning challenges in K-12 education, tertiary education, vocational training, and out-of-school learning.

Following a thorough application and selection process, CcHUB is highly optimistic about the potential of these start-ups to revolutionize the field of EdTech in the region. Building on the success of the first cohort, they are excited about the second cohort’s ability to contribute to improved educational outcomes for students in Nigeria. Nissi Madu, the Managing Partner at CcHUB, expressed this enthusiasm and belief in the selected start-ups.

This year, the call for applications for the second cohort of the Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship 2024 at CcHUB attracted a wide array of EdTech solution developers. From those aiming to improve access to quality education to those seeking to enhance learning outcomes through technology-driven approaches, the diversity of applicants was evident. The twelve Fellows selected for the program are as follows:

  1. Topset: A language learning solution that transforms native speakers into proficient language teachers by providing them with soft skills, technical expertise, lesson plans, gamified tools, and connections to paying learners worldwide.
  2. Exam Scholars: A comprehensive testing and learning platform that offers exam simulations, curated content to enhance subject knowledge, and improves students’ speed, accuracy, and readiness for exams.
  3. Data Entry Academy by Accountinghub: A virtual academy and community, Data Entry Academy (DEA) equips job seekers, freelancers, and small business owners with essential skills to boost their employability and ability to thrive in modern business environments.
  4. Genti Media: Focused on African education and storytelling, Genti Media amplifies African languages and voices through Genti Audio, an app that facilitates access to and distribution of educational content in audio format.
  5. Edusko: A solution aimed at increasing access to education for students by simplifying the process of discovering and matching African children with suitable K-12 schools, while also offering affordable financing options for parents.
  6. Harde Business School Limited: Providing in-demand professional development courses through a user-friendly online platform that is interactive, intuitive, and gamified to enhance the overall learning experience.
  7. Magic Lab Academy: An online learning platform dedicated to empowering a million Africans with sought-after animation skills, nurturing a new generation of talented animators.
  8. Proud African Roots
    Proud African Roots utilizes African storytelling, arts, and media to create an engaging and interactive learning experience for children and teenagers with a diverse range of multimedia content.
  9. Vinsighte Limited
    Vinsighte provides an AI-powered solution that assists visually impaired individuals in accessing printed books and educational materials easily, using OCR and TalkBack technology to promote accessibility and inclusivity for African students.
  10. IM FLOW
    IM Flow equips learners with tools for personal development and emotional well-being through its unique social-emotional learning (SEL) platform, addressing the crucial gap in traditional African education by fostering children’s values, aspirations, and mindset.
    WIFICOMBAT is an e-learning platform tailored for African tech careers, offering personalized career paths for K-12 and tertiary education, as well as job readiness through customized content recommendations based on learners’ skills and interests.
  12. Skill Up With Kahdsole (SUWK)
    SUWK is an innovative learning platform tackling youth unemployment and skill shortages by providing accessible vocational education and job placement support for young Nigerians, addressing critical issues in the job market.

The Mastercard Foundation is committed to promoting inclusive growth and social impact through innovation. As part of this commitment, the Foundation has partnered with tech hubs like Co-creation Hub (CcHub) to provide quality and relevant learning opportunities for underserved learners in Nigeria and Africa. Through the EdTech solutions developed by CcHub’s 2023 cohort, over 312,000 learners have already been reached, and the Foundation anticipates even greater impact in the future. By supporting startups that use technology to tackle education challenges, the Mastercard Foundation is driving positive change in the field of education.

During the upcoming half-year period, the chosen start-ups participating in the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship will receive comprehensive assistance in terms of business and financial support. This support aims to not only expand their solutions but also enhance their capabilities, establish stronger networks, and form partnerships that will contribute to a significant future of education in Africa. Moreover, the fellows will be granted up to USD $100,000 in funding without any equity requirements for their organizations. Additionally, they will receive advisory support for a duration of twelve months after the program concludes. For more details regarding the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship at CC Hubs, please visit

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