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OpenAI Competitor Aleph Alpha Raises $500M in a Series B investment round

Aleph Alpha, a German generative AI startup, announced today that it has completed a Series B investment round, successfully raising over $500 million. Leading the investment are Bosch Ventures, Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence (Ipai), and the businesses of Schwarz Group, the biggest retailer in Europe and the parent company of Kaufland and Lidl.

The 2019 founding of Aleph Alpha was aimed at researching and developing the core technologies needed for a period of powerful AI. It runs the fastest European commercial AI cluster and applies revolutionary AI, such as big language and multimodal models, to provide B2B and B2G solutions with dependable and understandable AI in a fully autonomous application.

AI21 Labs, an Israeli business, secured a $155 million Series C funding round in late August from investors such as Google and Nvidia. Jurassic-2, the startup’s in-house large language models, are proprietary. These models underpin the company’s multilingual AI assistant for reading and writing as well as its developer platform for creating unique text-based commercial apps.

Then, it was revealed late last month that Paris-based Mistral AI, a rival of Anthropic and OpenAI, intends to seek an extra $300 million from investors. Less than five months prior, the business, which is creating an open-source big language model, secured a seed round of about $111 million, with Lightspeed serving as the lead investor.

The Aleph funds will be used to support advanced product capabilities, particularly for business-critical contexts, and category-defining research on foundation models. plus commercialization by a few chosen major partners.

The Innovation Park Artificial Intelligence (Ipai), Bosch Ventures, and the Schwarz Group firms are leading the partnership.

Burda Principal Investments, the multinational enterprise application software giant SAP, the worldwide edge-to-cloud corporation Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Berlin-based Christ&giant Consulting are among the other new investors. To complete the oversubscribed round, further participation is provided by established institutional investors.

With the money, Aleph Alpha will continue to be dedicated to excellence, repeatability, and open source innovation sharing while also extending important academic collaborations and contributions.

“With this latest investment, we will continue to enhance our capabilities and enable our partners to be at the forefront of this technological development,” stated Aleph Alpha’s founder and CEO, Jonas Andrulis. Aleph Alpha will keep growing its product line in order to empower clients, all the while preserving client autonomy and flexibility with regard to infrastructure, cloud compatibility, on-premise support, and hybrid configurations.

Interfaces and customization choices catered to business-critical requirements will be expanded by the ongoing improvements. We will continue to be the greatest choice for clients with substantial responsibilities and in critical situations where sovereignty is at jeopardy.

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