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Over 114 million persons are displaced by war and violence worldwide

Over 114 million persons are displaced by war and violence worldwide. The main causes of the worrying new total include the war in Ukraine, the conflicts in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Myanmar; drought, floods, and insecurity in Somalia; and a protracted humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi voiced his alarm, saying that “far too many conflicts are proliferating or escalating, shattering innocent lives and uprooting people globally.”

Displacement and suffering are being fueled by the international community’s incapacity to resolve disputes or stop the emergence of new ones. In order to resolve conflicts and enable refugees and other displaced persons to go home or start again, we must look within and work together,” he encouraged.

There were 110 million people who have been forcefully relocated globally as of June, up 1.6 million from the end of 2022.

“The hope of peace and solutions for refugees and other displaced populations may seem far off as we watch events unfold in Gaza, Sudan, and beyond. We can’t give up, though. We will continue advocating for and locating solutions for refugees with our allies,” he declared.

World Refugee Council

This report’s release coincides with the impending second Global Refugee Forum, slated from 13 to 15 December, in Geneva.

This is the largest forum of its kind, bringing together governments, private sector, international organizations, civil society, refugees, and local authorities to discuss issues related to forced displacement and refugees.

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