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Polaris Bank Empowers School Girls in Abuja, Kano and Kogi State through its Girl-Child Education project

This week, Polaris Bank, Nigeria’s Best Digital Bank, stormed the cities of Kano, Abuja, and Kogi to present hundreds of school bags, uniforms, sandals, books, and other educational materials to underprivileged students as part of its ongoing commitment to empower the girl child in selected public secondary schools through its Girl-Child Education project

Over the course of five days, representatives from the Bank visited the following schools: Fortune Schools International, Lokoja, Kogi State; the Government Girls Secondary School, Kundila, Kano; the Junior Secondary School, Maitama; and the Government Secondary School, Garki, both in Abuja. They encouraged the kids to keep going in school and not give up in the face of obstacles in life.

Speaking about the Bank’s dedication to the program and its significant investment, Mr. Osazuwa Igbinoba, Group Head, North 1 & Abuja, Polaris Bank, who spoke on behalf of the Bank at both presentation events, stated that the program was one of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) interventions and mentioned that it has collaborated with multiple NGOs on the project over time.

The Girl Child Education Initiative is this endeavor.

The Bank wants to empower girls in Nigeria in order to support them. Thanks to our partnership with the Evolve Charity over the past three years, we have been able to deliver instructional materials across the nation.

In addition, Polaris Bank participates in the UNEP Finance Initiative, which collaborates with UNESCO to support education in developing nations. Based on current studies, Nigeria has approximately 10 million out-of-school children, six million of them are female. As a result, as an organization, we considered how we could help reduce the number of children who are not in school. That’s how we came to collaborate with Evolve Charity on this project. And the reason we are here, according to Igbinoba, is to empower 50,000 children in five years.

According to what he revealed, the program is in its third year and has sent essential instructional supplies to schools in Lagos, Kano, Abuja, and Kogi.

Mrs. Onuoha Goodluck, the vice principal of administration at Government Secondary School in Garki, expressed gratitude to Polaris Bank for the donations and mentioned how they would benefit the kids in numerous ways.

“Many of our kids come from low-income families where feeding is a struggle and paying for school is an even greater burden for their parents,” the speaker stated. Because of the condition they are in, some of them are always embarrassed to even take out their school bags.

With this campaign, you will now perceive them differently when they wear their new sandals, school uniforms, and bags starting next week. Since Polaris Bank was here the previous year and we witnessed the effect, we are grateful that they are doing this annually. God bless everyone of you.

Fatima Kabir, a JSS3 student at Government Secondary School in Garki, who was one of the beneficiaries, stated that the Polaris Bank gesture would help her achieve her future goal of becoming a lawyer.

Kabir expressed his gratitude to Polaris Bank, saying, “These school supplies will help me in my dream to become a lawyer and fight for justice for other girls.” “I know I can do it, even though it will be difficult, because God and other people’s support make it possible.”

Hundreds of enthusiastic students and instructors greeted the Polaris Bank team at the Government Girls Senior Secondary School in Kundila, Kano. When the beneficiaries were announced, they enthusiastically applauded and expressed their happiness with the products. Aisha Shehu Yakasai, the school’s principal, called Polaris Bank’s gesture “timely and wonderful.”

Our girls here have trouble traveling to and from school due to their parents’ low income. These are fantastic and timely goods, as many people carry their books in their hands and wear ancient clothes. We sincerely appreciate your donation,” she stated.

In a same spirit, Mrs. Abu Omanyo Esther, Principal of Fortune Schools International in Lokoja, Kogi State, stated, “We are thrilled to be among the recipients once more this year. Our school benefited from this initiative last year. It is impossible to overstate the importance of giving these children educational materials as without them, learning could become a difficult endeavor.

We appreciate Polaris Bank for this initiative since it is necessary to address the issue of six million Nigerian girls not attending school. The project train presenting the Polaris Bank, Evolve Charity Girl Child Education school needed materials will be visiting the states of Rivers and Imo in the near future. Digitally-forward Polaris Bank is committed to creating a future where customers come first by forming creative alliances that transform people’s lives, companies, and communities.

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