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President Tinubu Appoints Two Board Members for the Nigeria Customs Service

President Bola Tinubu has approved the appointment of two eligible Nigerians to the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Board of Directors for a four-year term. They are to serve as representatives of the organized private sector.

The new board members are Dr. Aba Ibrahim and Muda Yusuf

As the goals of the Renewed Hope agenda in actively promoting and attracting investment across multiple sectors of the economy are effectively realized through the effective implementation of ongoing reforms within the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), President Tinubu wishes the new appointees well in their deliberations and anticipates that the views and perspectives of the private sector will be fully articulated.

The Nigeria Customs Service was tasked with collecting taxes, keeping track of those taxes, and combating smuggling when it was founded in 1891. Today, customs plays a special function as the center of the global supply chain for products and services, and trade facilitation is increasingly recognized by the government as a crucial component of economic policy. The proactive management of the seemingly contradictory role of ensuring improvements in the speedy delivery of services while maintaining systematic and effective intervention controls, which are necessary to meet the demands of complex and growing international trade, is therefore one of the challenges facing Nigeria Customs Service.

Recent years have seen an increase in economic crime, money laundering, the threat of terrorism, the threat of weapons of mass destruction, and violations of rights to intellectual property and the disposal of dangerous and poisonous materials. Therefore, it is clear that the Nigeria Customs Service, which has long served as the country’s steward of trade and border management, is under increased pressure to perform at the highest levels in order to facilitate lawful trade in a world that is home to a long list of threats. The goal of Nigeria Customs Service is to expeditiously process declarations while optimizing efficiency and fostering trade competitiveness.

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