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Problem of the day and innovation challenge of the day

As someone who is obsessed with ideas and inventions you realise quickly that the best ideas nearly always stem from a real problem. Especially ideas that are turned in to successful businesses.

Looking at a single problem of the day can help generate dozens of ideas or solutions to that problem. Therefore, I believe that in order to ideate successfully you should start by looking at problems.

The point of this project is to list a problems a day.


        👽 starZship 🛸 @starZship

Here’s a great idea. Make an app that will charge all emails one penny to go into your inbox. You have options to let certain emails through. But the spammers must pay you one penny to get into inbox. Then we’ll literally make one cent for every spammy email you receive.

POTD #74

I would like to charge a lot more than 1c for every spam email I receive, spam is definitely a problem worth solving!


ProblemOfTheDay @problem_otd

@mrudavshukla submitted a problem:

“Can we have a product that can read lengthy Terms and Condition of a website or an app and explain the core part?” 

POTD #70

I’m surprised a law firm of some kind hasn’t made something like this as a marketing tactic! Helping turn jargon into simple English!



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