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Registration for Eduverse Summit Nigeria Commences

Nigeria’s new government is embarking on a journey of reform, and at the forefront of this mission is Professor Tahir Mamman, the Minister of Education. With the monumental task of restructuring the education sector, he is expected to prioritize the review of university laws and rethink the philosophy of higher education.

As Nigeria prepares to revamp its higher education system, the Eduverse Summit Nigeria 2024 is set to take place in Lagos. This global event will bring together thought leaders, institute heads, and academic leaders to define the pillars of the country’s education system. Taking place on February 15, 2024, at the Lagos Marriott Hotel Ikeja, this summit marks a significant milestone in the advancement of higher education. It provides a platform for addressing regional and global challenges while fostering a unified dialogue within the industry.

Nigeria, being the sixth most populous country in the world, is a vibrant hub of educational innovation and growth in Africa. It is the perfect choice to host the inaugural edition of the Eduverse Summit series. With its strategic importance and thriving educational ecosystem, Nigeria sets the stage for this thought leadership series that will span across various countries, promoting a global conversation on higher education.

The Eduverse Summit Nigeria 2024 aims to stimulate innovation, inspire collaboration, and provide actionable insights for attendees. The agenda includes a keynote presentation by Raghwa Gopal, CEO of M Square Media (MSM) Group, on “The Future of International Education,” as well as panel discussions, interactive workshops, and an Eduverse Expo showcasing leading educational entities. This summit is a testament to Nigeria’s commitment to shaping the future of higher education and fostering a global community of educational excellence.

The Eduverse Summit Nigeria 2024 is set to explore critical topics that define the current and future landscape of international education. From education policy and reforms to investment and industry-making, sustainability in internationalization, ethical recruitment, and the evolution of skilling and industry-academia collaborations, these subjects will take center stage in panel discussions and fireside chats.

Participants can look forward to captivating keynote speeches, engaging panel discussions, informative workshops, and valuable networking sessions. These opportunities will provide a platform for gaining insights and discovering innovative ways to contribute to global education.

Registrations for the Eduverse Summit Nigeria 2024 are now open and gaining momentum. The official website is live, and social media platforms are buzzing with excitement and engagement. We encourage interested individuals to secure their spot early and join the conversation using the hashtag #EduverseSummit2024.

Eduverse offers a robust platform for sponsors and partners to gain exposure, enhance their reputation, and establish crucial connections within the international education community. By partnering with the summit, organizations can make a significant impact.

To find out more about Eduverse, the summit, and how to get involved, please visit the official website at: https://www.eduversesummit.org/eduverse-nigeria/.

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