Regus Berths in Abuja, Boosts Opportunities

Abuja businesses including small scale, medium enterprises, large corporations and entrepreneurs alike will now benefit as Regus, a brand of International Work Group (IWG), is set to provide opportunities in office spaces that will help maximise cost of running businesses.

Regus, which operates in 120 countries worldwide says it is providing office spaces that will not only allow businesses maximise cost on rentage but will save up to 70 per cent cost involved in setting up a business space which can be ploughed back into their business for higher returns.

The Sales Director, IWG, Mr. Karim Ahmed, said this while speaking with newsmen at the relaunch of The Regus Constitution centre in Abuja.

Karim explained that the available opportunities are flexible and includes already serviced offices, virtual offices, day to day rentals, short term and long term leasing which will be accessible to every business owner including start-ups and already established.

He noted that “one big advantage of the opportunity is that the day to day and monthly rentage on even large spaces offered will help businesses not to tie down capital on long term rent, according to him, some landlords mandate businesses to pay rentage for a minimum of a year, money that could be used to run the business.”

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He added that Regus will not only provide office spaces but will also run the businesses on behalf of the owners.

He said, “An entrepreneur who does not want to work from home and needs a registered address can get a virtual office at a very cost effective rates here and will not need to be in the office space.

“ The entrepreneur can use it for mailing and we can receive messages, read e-mails, interpret and send responses on behalf of the entrepreneur or a business man.

“If a business needs a large office space like 500Sq km but don’t want to rent it for a year space, the business can rent that space for a month for as long as it is needed only, and not tie down capital”, he said.

Karim added, “we have put all the cost of setting up a business, such as power, utility, taxes, levies and others and others into setting up the offices wile you come and rent as you need them, so it saves businesses a lot of cost on the long run.”

The Area Manager, IWG, Mrs. Tinu Okoosi, also speaking said “the Regus is working to simplify what the use of offices is all about, compared to conventional places where businesses have to worry about how to set up the office.”

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Okoosi said the already serviced spaces will make working very easy for either start-ups or large corporations.

She also reiterated that the offer is open to all, saying: “We provide at everybody’s need, we are so flexible that we are able to provide for everyone we allow people work whenever, wherever and however”.

A beneficiary, Mr. Michael Ayeni, noted that the facilities provided has met his business needs. According to him, the security, confidentiality and the access to the global community has added value to his business.

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