Rise Against Hunger is Seeking Applications for Nourishing Lives Partnership (NLP) Program

Rise Against Hunger is currently seeking applications for the provision of food assistance for meal, nutrition, and medical programs under the Nourishing Lives Partnership (NLP) program.

Rise Against Hunger (RAH) is driven by a mission to achieve global food security in line with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. Through the NLP program, RAH provides fortified rice-soy meals packaged by volunteer groups around the world to address nutritional insecurity challenges such as chronic undernourishment.

Rise Against Hunger provides 40-foot shipping containers of meals to meal distribution partners around the world.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Mission: Consideration is given to how closely the proposed program matches Rise Against Hunger’s mission and vision, as well as how the food will leverage further development in the program(s). RAH gives preference to programs that are designed to bring about a positive economic impact over time, such as school feeding programs, maternal health programs, vocational programs, medical clinics and child development programs.
  • Accountability: All candidate organizations will be reviewed to ensure that they are honest, responsive and reliable. The partner must be established with the ability,expertise and resources to properly handle a container shipment and provide quarterly data and reports on programs, inventory and use of donation. Donated meals are to be used to promote development and provide for immediate food needs, not to support political or theological agendas. Efforts are made to ensure that aid is not being provided to or used to support any oppressive,destructive, or exploitative group(s) or individual(s).
  • Logistics: Meal distribution partners must have the ability to pay for the full cost of shipping and customs clearance of all requested containers. In addition, each partner must have experience, knowledge and the ability to guide each shipment through customs and safely to its final destination in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Storage: The partner also needs to have the ability to store and secure a minimum of 20 pallets of meals. Each pallet is approximately 4ft by 4ft with a height of 7 feet and weighs 2,185 lbs. Storage must protect the meals from water, pests and theft. The meals will need to be secured during distribution as well.
  • Distribution: Partner’s program(s) must maintain control of the donated food upon receipt,through storage and distribution. Inventory controls must be demonstrated from the point of receipt in-country to the point of use. Any loss of control could cause the meals to be sold in local markets, which is a breach of Rise Against Hunger’s policy. In addition to quarterly narrative reporting, partners must also provide documentation accounting for how meals were distributed (e.g.,beneficiaries sign a basic distribution sheet), indicating:
    • Individual’s name, age, and gender;
    • Date and location at which he/she received the meal; and
    • Quantity of meals received.
  • Need: Level of need in the country, region and individual program(s). As referenced on page 1 of this application, RAH works to align with Sustainable Development Goal 2. To ensure RAH are working towards this goal, they look to invest resources in areas with the most need. From 2019-2021, RAH’s key areas of geographic focus will be Southern Africa, Western Africa, Southern Asia, Haiti,and the Philippines. Selection preference will be given to applications that work within these geographic focus areas.


  • Importation experience of food items into the country the organization wishes to receive food assistance (proof of any customs/importation documentation will need to be provided)
  • Organization is recognized as a nonprofit entity under the relevant jurisdiction (copy of official registration will need to be provided)
  • Organization’s existence is verifiable (i.e.website, social media/Facebook, etc.)
  • The host organization is aware of any restrictions regarding importation of GMO and plastic products
  • Verifiable references

How to Apply

Deadline: 31 January 2019

Applicants should submit their applications via email at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit https://www.riseagainsthunger.org/partner-with-us/

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