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The importance of a diverse workforce – Velocity Global

February is celebrated as Black History Month and this makes it more important than ever to have a diverse workforce. Many companies lack diversity and overlook the need for different perspectives in the workplace. To combat this, executives and hiring managers should focus on hiring diverse teams given the multitude of benefits.

A diverse workforce can be defined as a group of employees from various backgrounds that span across different races, ages, genders, income levels, and abilities. The three types of diversity at work include cognitive, lifestyle, and brand diversity. Cognitive diversity is when the workplace has different thought-processes in solving business problems, while lifestyle diversity is the difference between lifestyles among employees. Brand diversity is when the company attracts diverse talent and recruits minorities to work at their business.

All three types of diversity should be present in the workplace to achieve a culture of diversity at your organization. For more tips on the benefits of diversity at work and how to increase diversity in the workplace, take a look at this infographic from Velocity Global.

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