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The Leaky Bucket Syndrome by Dr. Ivan Misner

Education is a leaky bucket. You start out with a full bucket of information, but when you train someone else, some of that information leaks out. When they train someone, more information leaks out. By the time you’ve gone through two or three generations, you only have half a bucket.

Leaky Bucket Syndrome infographic by Colin Horner

When the bucket is half-empty, people put their own information in–and it might not be good information. You need to plug the leaks. The best solution is to write everything down and develop a train-the-trainer program. Making training part of a replicable system is the best way to fill leaks.

Never accept anyone onto your chapter’s leadership team who isn’t willing to go to the training. BNI has spent a lot of time making sure that the leadership team gets a good orientation. Without this training, members won’t understand why all the parts of the BNI system are important.

If you keep this in mind as you train employees, your business is much more likely to be scalable.

If you think there might be some leaks in your chapter, listening to this podcast is one way to help fill them.

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