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Two Nigeria health-tech startups among 30 selected for Google for Startups: AI for Health program

The Google for Startups Growth Academy: AI for Health has announced the thirty global firms chosen for its 2023 cohort. The list included five startups. Eden Care (Rwanda), iZola Limited (Kenya), mDoc (Nigeria), Pharmarun (Nigeria), and Zuri Health (Kenya) are among them. With AI-powered solutions, all of these startups are transforming healthcare.

“Africa’s innovative spirit in the domain of AI for Health is profoundly inspiring.” These startups demonstrate the continent’s ability to create global health solutions.” According to Yuval Passov, Head of Google for Startups and program leader. ”We intend to stand beside them, offering support and collaboration as they attempt to develop and distribute their game-changing ideas.”

Startups throughout the world are using AI as a revolutionary tool to address critical concerns ranging from early disease detection to assuring information accessibility. Their discoveries not only improve the lives of billions of people, but they also generate robust economic growth.

Google claims that its companies Growth Academy: AI for Health Program matches with their broader ambition to assist and accelerate the growth of companies.

Google established a bigger program, the Google for businesses Accelerator: AI First, in August, a 10-week equity-free accelerator focused at African businesses looking to apply artificial intelligence to solve local concerns.

Since launching the Google for firms Accelerator programs in Africa in 2018, Google has helped 106 firms from 17 African countries achieve over $263 million in funding and generate over 2,800 jobs.

Today we are proud to announce 30 startups selected for the program, representing 15 countries from the whole region:

  • Acorai (Sweden): A heart failure monitoring platform.
  • Activate Health (Estonia): A platform that uses data, AI and gamification to help users improve their physical and mental wellbeing.
  • ADNTRO GENETICS (Spain): A DNA kit requiring only a saliva sample to discover personalized nutrition, training, predispositions to diseases and more.
  • Anya (United Kingdom): A startup supporting parents during their first 1,001 days of parental journey — from conception to toddlerhood.
  • Biocam (Poland): An endoscopic capsule for real-time determination of potential digestive system threats.
  • Cara Care (Germany): A holistic companion for people with digestive issues.
  • clare&me (Germany): An AI voice coach for anxiety, worries or circulating thoughts.
  • Deemea (France): A cooperative platform dedicated to medical imaging data.
  • Doctomatic (Spain): A remote patient monitoring software where patients can scan the results and automatically provide the data to their doctors.
  • Eden Care (Rwanda): A health insurance solution, offering seamless and affordable digital healthcare coverage to businesses across Africa.
  • EQL (United Kingdom): Self-service assessment tools for people with muscle and joint problems that enable quick access to the best available care.
  • ExactCure (France): A Digital Twin simulating the concentration of drugs in the blood of patients.
  • iZola (Kenya): An online therapeutics platform for families with neurodivergent children.
  • Kahun (Israel): An AI assistant platform designed specifically for physicians.
  • Labplus (Poland): A medical device software that automates the analysis of lab test results.
  • Likeminded (Germany): A platform that supports and improves the mental health and wellbeing of employees.
  • mDoc (Nigeria): A digital health company which provides virtual self-care health coaching to people living with or at risk for chronic health needs.
  • Mindstep (United Kingdom): An app for optimizing brain and mental health care.
  • MX Labs (Estonia): A startup providing health advice in seconds based on camera-based health screening using only a smartphone.
  • Pharmacy Marts (Egypt): A digital marketplace that connects pharmacies and medical suppliers.
  • Pharmarun (Nigeria): An on-demand platform simplifying how Africans access medication through the use of technology.
  • Rayscape (Romania): A complete digital assistant for radiologists that provides AI tools for better decisions.
  • StethoMe (Poland): An intelligent stethoscope for parents.
  • (Poland): A company simplifying access to healthcare by automating telephone contact with patients using AI-based virtual assistants.
  • Techspert (United Kingdom): An expert network to source the freshest and most precise healthcare insights.
  • Tucuvi (Spain): A startup automating medical phone conversations through empathic AI.
  • Vitadio (Czechia): A mobile app reversing insulin resistance with AI-driven lifestyle modification.
  • (Czechia): A wellbeing companion with daily mental health insights, tailored plans, and all-in-one tools.
  • Wellx (United Arab Emirates): A platform encouraging and rewarding healthy habits.
  • Zuri Health (Kenya): A company providing affordable and accessible healthcare solutions for people without smartphones and living in underserved areas.

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