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Cassava Technologies partners with Atlas AI partner to drive digital transformation in Africa

Cassava Technologies (, a pan-African technology group, has announced a collaboration with Atlas AI, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics platform, with the goal of maximizing the positive impact of connectivity and digital services across Africa by using data-driven insights to accelerate digital transformation and economic growth.

Cassava will be able to deliver cutting-edge AI development capabilities custom-built for its enterprise customers, adapting to the unique demands of African enterprises, as a result of this agreement.

“AI and data analytics are central to Cassava Technologies’ digital transformation journey across all business units.” Our African clients will benefit from having access to high-quality data and analytics that will allow them to better serve their customers. The partnership established today with Atlas AI is an important component of our joint effort. “Being an AI-first technology company is an important part of our vision for a digitally connected future that leaves no African behind,” says Cassava Technologies President and Group CEO Hardy Pemhiwa.

“We are thrilled to embark on this new chapter of our relationship with Cassava Technologies, a company that has been at the forefront of scaling digital capabilities and infrastructure across Africa,” Abe Tarapani, CEO of Atlas AI, stated. “This announcement is not just a partnership milestone; it represents our teams’ heightened urgency to ensure that the latest advances in artificial intelligence are responsibly harnessed by businesses and governments to pave the way for a digitally connected and prosperous Africa.”

Cassava Technologies will be able to improve its service delivery across the continent by leveraging Atlas AI’s platform. Cassava will promote Atlas AI’s technology across the continent, introducing enterprise AI capabilities designed to help African organizations accelerate growth, future-proof supply chains, and build stronger resilience to rapid change across the area. Cassava will also employ Atlas’ AI core in its internal digital transformation activities, establishing it as a top AI-first firm and assuring its continued technical innovation.

Atlas AI will be able to encourage the widespread adoption of geospatial AI for public benefit applications by leveraging Cassava’s huge African network. Atlas AI’s platform, which uses satellite imagery, survey data, and AI, provides detailed insights into development conditions in underserved communities, allowing public and social sector organizations to target support to vulnerable communities affected by economic and climate shocks and arguing for urgent investment in expanded infrastructure access.

“We see enormous potential in AI to support our customers’ needs and accelerate Africa’s digital transformation to new heights.” This collaboration will give the insights required to enhance access to digital services on our Pan-African fiber internet network. One of the most important advantages of our access to the Atlas AI platform is that our customers will be able to construct AI models and prediction algorithms without having to invest in in-house AI data scientists and data engineers. This is part of our effort to realize our vision of a digitally linked future in which no African is left behind,” Pemhiwa added.

Cassava Technologies and Atlas AI are set to use cutting-edge technology to facilitate social mobility and economic development for African enterprises and individuals through the power of connection and AI.

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